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Northwest Recumbent Cycles
1642 E. 16th Ave.
Post Falls, ID 83854

What are your shop's specialties?
Recumbent bikes, trikes, quads, velomobiles, oddball HPV stuff and special builds for special needs children.

Brief history of your shop (date founded, milestones, etc): 
Readers Digest version. Started by accident in 2000 all because of my wife Beth’s Multiple Sclerosis.  She’s a fighter and we are very active promoting MS awareness and helping others deal with the disease.  One day we were at a special needs fair of sorts and got introduced to a Tadpole recumbent.  That’s cool but what in the world is it?  After some coaxing she got into it and it took around an hour and a half to get her out.  So in the process of getting a couple I ended up with an out of the garage dealership.  It didn’t take long to get a recumbent education and start growing.  First in 440 square feet, then a year later to 880 square feet and now the 880 square feet is there but we also have a 1200 square feet showroom.

How did you come to be a TerraTrike dealer?
I don’t remember how I found out about Terra Trike but I was impressed from the very first minute I saw them.  After a few phone calls and e-mails with Jessica we were on board and moving a fair amount of them.

Why should folks buy a TerraTrike from you?
Simple answer, “Customer Service”.  We will spend all the time we need to make sure the one a customer picks is the right one for their needs.  It may take a hour, a month or longer but we don’t care as long as they get the right one.  By doing that we have knocked off 95% of our advertising because our customers do it for us.  On a daily basis we are either handing out stacks of business cards or mailing them out to the people who are out of the area who keep handing them out when they get stopped. 

I tell everyone I don’t want the trike to become an expensive ornament in their garage like other bikes.  On a regular bike you look for an excuse NOT to go ride.  On the right recumbent you will look for an excuse TO go ride.

Have you ever been a premier dealer? Top 10?
We’ve been Top 10 a number of times in the past few years, and have our fingers crossed to make the cut again for this year!

Do you have a back-stock of TerraTrikes?
We try and keep at least 4 Rovers, 2 Tour II, 2 Ramblers and a Rover Tandem on the floor as demos all the time.  If we get below 5 Rovers, 2 Tour II, and 4 Ramblers ready to deliver I start getting nervous.  People are patient but I like to deliver ASAP.

What are your future goals/plans for selling TerraTrikes?
Get further up the Top Ten list and I’m here for as long as they will have us.

What's the best TerraTrike customer story you've heard?
There are way too many to pick any single one.  We deal with a lot of special needs with both children and adults.  We also have the VA contract and deal with a lot of disabled vets.  We see a wide variety of ailments, diseases, amputees, mental disorders, birth defects, you name it.  The best story is from the person who doctors said would never ride a bike again and is able to ride one to their next doctor’s appointment.  The best story is the person who has been confined to a wheelchair that gets into a trike and rides off under their own power.  The best story is the vet who has seizure disorders and can’t drive a car but can ride for hours at a time and the time between seizures is increased.  The best story is the person who can now get out of the house and  away from the TV but is now out riding with the rest of their family.  I could go on for hours but the best customer story is the customer themselves.

Random facts - points of interest about you, the staff, experiences you've had, etc.?
Beth is a retired bookkeeper.  She retired early due to her MS but does the shops books.  I just retired in February from 35 years as a Deputy Sheriff but stayed on for the Dive and Sonar Teams.  So for the past 11 years I was working full time and running the shop full time.  Now that I’m retired I have no clue how we ran the shop. 
My favorite saying is; “If it’s not a recumbent it’s a pain in your butt”.  Beth's favorate saying is; "I may be disabled but I can try and do anything".

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