TerraTrike Hot Winter Promo 2015

The Following are the TerraTrike Accessory items that are eligible for the Hot Winter Promo:

20" Deluxe Fender Front Set
20" Deluxe Fender, Rear Only
24" Wheelset - Double Wall Black
26" Blk Rear Wheel Kit - GT - Marathon tire
26" Deluxe Fender, Rear Only
26" Rear Wheel Kit - Internal 8
3-Way Socket Tool
3-Way Tool Package
3-Way Wrench Large
3-Way Wrench Small
Accessory Mount - Rover
Adventure Panniers
Alignment Adjustment Tool
Angled Bracket for Water Bottle Cage
Bar End Light - Road
Bar End Light - Mountain
Boom Mount, TerraTrike
Bottle Pocket
Bracket for Water Bottle Cage
Brake/Blinker Light
Bushing / 20mm Nylon for direct steer hubmounts
Bushing / 12mm for linkage steering brace and hubmounts
Bushing / 10mm Rover seat bushings
Cargo Rack
CO2 Refills
CO2 Pump (Inflator)
Comfort Pedal Conversion Kit
Commuter Pannier
Compass Bell
Computer Bracket
Deluxe Seat Bag
Deluxe Trunk Pack
Drop Out Extensions
Dual Control Brake Lever
Easy Reach Bag
Expedition Pannier
Extended Seat Stays (Lower)
Extension Flag
Extension Flag - Rainbow
Extension Flag - Snake Flag
Extension Flag - American Flag
Extension Flag - Jolly Roger
Extension Flag - My Name Is
Extension Flag - Flames
Extension Flag - Checkered Flag
Extension Flag - Canadian Flag
Extension Flag - Union Jack Flag
Extension Flag - Peace Sign
Extension Flag - No Gas
Extension Flag - Tie Dyed Triker
Extension Flag - Rainbow
Flag Sleeve
Grip Glove
Handle Bar Mount, TerraTrike
Handlebar Cap
Head Light (Good)
Head Light (Better)
Head Light (Best)
Head/Tail Lights Pack - White
Head/Tail Lights Pack - Black
Hubmount Upgrade Kit
Idlers - Deluxe 13 Tooth
Idlers - Deluxe 10 Tooth
Idler "L" Mounting Bracket
Idlers - Heavy Duty (Set of 2)
Idlers - Standard
Locking Brake Lever Set
Locking Seat Stay Pins
Low Rider Rack Fit Kit - Gran Tourismo
Low Rider Rack Fit Kit - Rambler
Low Rider Rack Fit Kit - Rover
Low Rider Rack Fit Kit - Sportster
Low Rider Rack
Lumbar Support Cushion
Market Pannier
Military Extension Flag
Military Extension Flag - Coast Guard
Military Extension Flag - Purple Heart
Military Extension Flag - Army Flag
Military Extension Flag - Marine Flag
Military Extension Flag - Navy Flag
Military Extension Flag - POW/MIA Flag
Military Extension Flag - USAF Flag
Mini Pump
Mini Tool Kit
Parking Brake Strap
Pump (Best)
Pump (Better)
Pump (Good)
Reflective Safety Package
Reflective Triangle
Reflective Adhesive Strip
Reflective Ankle Clips
Reflective Flashing Strip with Clip
Reflective Arm Band
Roadie Tail Light
Safety Flag
Seat Bag
Seat Bag - Gold
Seat Bag - Silver
Seat Foam
Seat Stay Pin
Seat Mesh
Seat Wedge
SS Wheels
Strapped Heel Support Pedal
Standard Platform Pedals
Stowaway Bag
Teardrop Flag - American
Teardrop Flag - Honeycomb
Teardrop Flag - Polka Dot
Teardrop Flag - Skull
Teardrop Flag - Checkered
Teardrop Flag - Colored Boxes
Teardrop Flag - Sunflower
Teardrop Flag - Tiger
TerraTrike Golf Towel
TerraTrike Chrome Key Chain
TerraTrike Pins
TerraTrike Pins - Red
TerraTrike Pins - Orange
TerraTrike Pins - Green
TerraTrike Pins - Gold
TerraTrike Pins - Blue
TerraTrike Pins - Gold
TerraTrike Pins - Green
TerraTrike Pins - Orange
TerraTrike Pins - Red
TerraTrike Socks by Sock Guy
TerraTrike Socks by Sock Guy - Blue & Black
TerraTrike Socks by Sock Guy - Grey & Yellow
TerraTrike Socks by Sock Guy - Orange & Blue
TerraTrike Triker Bumper Sticker
TerraTrike Baseball Hat
Teardrop Flag - Triangles
Tail Light (Better)
Tail Light (Good)
Tarsier Head/Tail Lights Pack
Trike Cover
Trike Hanger
Tube, Presta valve 26 inch
Tube, Schrader valve 20 inch
Tube, Presta valve 24" 2.00-2.25
Comfort Padded Seat Mesh
Trike Alarm
Trike Lock
Trunk Pack
Tube, Presta valve 20 inch
Tube, Presta valve 24" 1.50-1.75
Universal Safety Flag
Universal Trike Carrier
Valve Adapter
Versa Bars
Versa Bag
Water Bottles - Clear
Water Bottle Cage
Water Bottle Cage - Black
Water Bottle Cage - Silver
Wide Handlebars, Direct Steer
Wide Rover Seat Frame and Mesh