TerraTrike - Pedal-Powered Rail Riding... on comfortable TerraTrike seats!


August 31 2017

Pedal-Powered Rail Riding... on comfortable TerraTrike seats!

Looking for an unusual pedaling adventure? Try Rail Riding!
In 2014 an Oregon couple started a small rail touring business using sections of inactive rail lines in the NE part of Oregon. Many bike and trike riders are familiar with converted rail trails, where the rails have been removed and the rail path paved. The ‘Rail riding’ movement is unique because it makes use of existing rails for pedal-powered adventure, and provides a great way to experience some stunning scenery, wildlife and natural habitats!

Rail riders use small 4-wheeled pedal carts to ride the rails, sitting back in a comfortable position and pedaling down the rails. Tillamook Bay touring company in Oregon likens the experience to riding a “four person recumbent bicycle crossed with a rail car frame!”

Rail Riding is growing in interest across the country, and is offered in the Adirondack mountains by Revolution Rail Co. They describe rail riding as being similar to pedaling a paddle boat… but on wheels! Some of the rails that Revolution Rail uses follow the Hudson River and have never been open to passenger service before, so the views they provide are very unique! There are both 2 seater and 4 seater ‘bikes’ are available, and different length tour options. When you come to the end of the line, the vehicle is turned around on a railway turntable and you head back in the direction you came from.

Rail Riding is very similar to riding a TerraTrike, and we are pleased to see that many of the rail-riding tour companies are making use of the very comfortable TerraTrike seats! What a great tribute to what TerraTrike riders already know… riding in comfort is the way to go!

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