TerraTrike - Transform your trike into an Electric Assist!


April 20 2018

Transform your trike into an Electric Assist!

The E.V.O. 20" Rear Wheel Kit is now available to order from TerraTrike Dealers*

The E.V.O. Rear Wheel Kit includes:
• 20” Wheel with Electric Assist Hub

The 20” wheel is custom built to TerraTrike specifications. The E.V.O. motor is a Falco 750W 5 Phase motor, and it is pre-programmed so no user setup is needed. The torque sensor settings are adjusted to an assist level that is optimized for assistance and range. The top speed is 20 mph.
• TerraTrike Cargo Rack
TerraTrike’s rear rack sits above the rear wheel and allows for mounting of the E.V.O. battery as well as a pannier and/or trunk pack. Made of aluminum.
• E.V.O. Battery, Case & Charger

The E.V.O. battery provides a generous range of up to 60 miles* per charge. The lithium ion battery can be charged overnight with the included “smart” charger. The smart charger will not overcharge the battery. Actual mileage may vary. Terrain, wind, rider weight and gear weight all affect the battery range.
• Wired Plus Minus
The Wired Plus Minus allows the user to adjust the level of assist while riding. It also provides a forward/reverse crawl function, which can be helpful to get started or to get out of a tight spot. The maximum speed in either reverse or forward crawl is 2 mph. The Wired Plus Minus also has a regenerative mode, which can charge the battery on long descents.

* NOTE: E.V.O. Rear Wheel Kits are sold and installed exclusively
through authorized TerraTrike dealers.

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