April 28 2014

TerraTrike Traveler Delayed

Upon recent completion of long term testing on the Traveler folding trike we have decided to delay its release.

TerraTrike dealers and customers expect and deserve reliable, quality products; and the Traveler’s hinges we had been testing simply did not meet our standards. Because we put the performance and safety of our products above all else, the release of our Traveler, which we originally anticipated for the 2014 spring season, will be delayed until this coming fall.

We are actively constructing new hinge prototypes that address the shortcomings of the old design as well as ensuring the same ride quality, safety and ease of use over the life of the product. TerraTrike will share updates as information is available and as a time frame solidifies. We understand any disappointment that this delay causes, but we are confident in the long-term benefits of forging this path and look forward to delivering the Traveler as a folding trike worth owning.

We remain the best selling recumbent trike brand available due to our commitment to customer service and our range of products that already exceed many customers needs and expectations. As part of this commitment, anyone with questions should feel free to contact us at or 1-800-945-9910.

April 26 2014

TerraTrike / Suncoast Bicycles Florida Trike Rally

Join us this Saturday for a fun filled day, featuring the new 2014 TerraTrikes. Lunch will be provided as well as free give-aways and prizes. Jeff & Christy from the TerraTrike factory will be on hand to answer questions and demonstrate their new folding Traveler and automatically Shifting Rover models. A group ride on the Withlacoochee State Trail will start in the morning; test rides will be available throughout the day.

WHEN: Saturday, April 26th - 10:00am - 3:00pm

322 N. Pine Ave.
Inverness, FL
Click for map

March 11 2014

New All Road Wheel Package

It’s here! For the future and current adventurous Rambler owners out there, there is now a wheel package for your needs. The TerraTrike 24 inch All Road wheel package is for those who want to explore their wild side or to just easily get down a dirt road. This package comes complete with the Schwalbe Land Cruiser tires which have an aggressive tread pattern for off-road use and use on dirt roads. Plus, these tires have a center ridge for low rolling resistance on pavement, making it easy to transition from paved trails to off-road, and back again. This package is perfect for off-roading, camping, and all types of riding. It’s better equipped for bigger bumps than our standard 20 inch wheels and it gives you higher ground clearance for those rougher roads. 

“There are a lot of folks out there who don’t have paved paths or who want to explore beyond the beaten trail,” said Marketing Director Jeff Yonker. “With this package, our riders can feel confident while tackling the bumps and ruts.”  

The All-Road package features the TerraTrike double wall rim, tried and true hubs, rim strips, Schwalbe Land Cruiser tires, and tubes. It is compatible with the Base and GT component levels of the Rambler (external drive trains only). The set of three wheels has an MSRP of $399.00.

This package is available now. Click here to order.

January 29 2014

TerraTrike wins LocalMotion Award

TerraTrike, creator of the world’s most comfortable cycles, was awarded Local First’s LocalMotion award for Best Longstanding Business with a Triple Bottom Line. Local First hosts an annual award celebration to recognize and honor local Grand Rapids businesses for their contribution to the community. The Triple Bottom Line combines the social, environmental, and financial aspects of business into a sustainable method for successful business management.

“Not only is Grand Rapids one of the best places to live and raise a family in the nation, it’s also one of the best places to do business,” said Marketing Director Jeff Yonker. “Local First has definitely helped develop this environment.”

TerraTrike has been recognized by other organizations for its contribution to the community, but this is the first time they have been recognized by the Local First organization.

“It’s nice to be acknowledged for doing the right thing,” said Yonker. “We’re very honored to have been selected for this award. Grand Rapids is full of thriving, innovative local business, and we’re very proud to be recognized amongst them.”

For more information about Local First and the awards, visit

January 20 2014

TerraTrike Unveils “GT” Component Level

As announced at their Dealer Day event in October, TerraTrike is streamlining their trike line-up by combining the drivetrain of the “Elite” level and brakes and wheels from the “Pro” level into a new “GT” level. The components available at this level are as follows:

-27 Speed drivetrain
-Shimano SLX (on Rambler/Tour II)
-Sram X.7 (on Sportster)
-FSA Vero crank
-Avid BB7 brakes
-Schwalbe Marathon tires
-TerraTrike double wall rims

“After looking through our sales numbers and listening to dealer and customer feedback, we decided that a consolidated “GT” level would bring a lot more value and a more clear choice for consumers,” said Marketing Director Jeff Yonker. “It was a pretty easy change for us to make, and we think it will help make buying one of our trikes simpler.”

The company has a limited number of trikes at the Elite and Pro levels left in stock to sell directly to customers, but the Pro and Elite set-ups may still be available at TerraTrike dealerships. The new GT level trikes are available now and pricing will be:

Rambler GT - $2199.00
Tour II GT - $2199.00
Sportster GT - $2799.00

“We’re selling through our back stock quickly, so if you want a trike at one of the old component levels, act fast,” said Yonker.

December 03 2013

Holiday Mystery Gift Promotion!

This Holiday Season TerraTrike is giving away a Mystery Gift to every customer that purchases a trike. This is exactly like the Flag & Bag promos in the past.

The gift contains a bunch of goodies for you and your new trike and is valued at over $80! Accessorize it, bling it up, and show off your new TerraTrike.

Only, don’t ask us what’s in the box. It’s a surprise and we’ve sworn secrecy to Santa that we won’t tell.

Fine Print:
- Fill out redemption form online by clicking here
- Submit copy of reciept at bottom of from or you can mail / fax it to us
- Mystery Gift Bag will ship free directly from TerraTrike.
- Trike purchases between 12/1/13 and 12/31/13 from an authorized dealer or TerraTrike direct qualify.
- Information must be submitted no later than 1/31/13.
- Cannot return Mystery Gift Bag for credit or reimbursement.

November 29 2013

TerraTrike Santa Trike Race Game Returns

Back by popular demand is TerraTrikes "Santa Trike Race".

"The reindeers have all called in sick so Santa has a new sled this year. Help him get his "trike legs" in shape before Christmas by comleting 5 laps around the test track.

The player with the fastest time will win a prize valued at $50!"

On top of that you wil also get to view this years holiday video card upon completion.

Click here to try your luck.

Good luck!


November 04 2013

TerraTrike Introduces New Accessories, In-Line Updates

TerraTrike, maker of the world’s most comfortable recumbent trikes, announced a series of new accessories and updates becoming available to consumers over the next few months. Photos of all of the new releases can be seen at TerraTrike’s Flickr Stream. The following are new accessories: 

Chain Gobbler - ($79.97 MSRP, Available Winter ’13)

Adjust boom length quickly and easily with its quick release sliding idler. Size any Rambler or Sportster from short to long and back in seconds. No fussing with adding or removing chain links.

Seat Wedge - ($9.95 MSRP, Available Winter ’13)

Creates a raised area at the front of the seat to add support and reduce forward shift. Wedge shape creates a secure “bucket seat” feel. Fits snuggly into existing seat mesh. For use with or without seat cushion.

Lumbar Support - ($34.95 MSRP, Available Winter ’13)

Customizable back support that integrates into all current seats. Three pads with various sizes/densities allows for multiple configurations. Easily moves for fine tuned comfort. Installs in seat mesh for clean appearance. Open cell material to keep rider dry. Includes adjustable wrap to keep everything together. For use with or without seat cushion. 

Grip Gloves - ($24.95 MSRP, Available Spring ’14)

Provides anyone with motor skill issues the ability to maintain hand placement on handlebar. Comfortable neoprene glove easily slides onto handlebar. Anti-slip patches holds glove in place. Provides secure placement of the hands. Ambidextrous design. One size fits most (cut- to-length straps).

Angled Bottle Bracket - ($7.95 MSRP, Available Winter ’13)

Drip free angle and easy bottle removal promotes hydration. Angles bottle towards rider for easy access/removal. Holds bottle spout up to reduce dripping.

TerraTrike also announced in-line changes affecting some of their trikes for the 2014 season. These changes include:

Locking Seat-stay Pins
Key Features:
-Locking lever keeps pin in place to prevent them from falling out on rides.
-Positive locking action keeps pins and stays from rattling
Models Affected:
Rambler, Tour II, Sportster, Traveler, Tandem Pro

Computer Bracket  
Key Features:
-More adjustable
-Fits wide range of computer sensors
-Sensors mount more securely 
Models Affected: 
Rover, Rambler, Tour II, Sportster, Tandem Pro, Traveler   

Seat Mesh With Pocket  
Key Features:
-Pocket conveniently located on back of seat
-Great size for keys, phone, tools, etc.  
Models Affected:
Rambler, Tour II, Sportster, Tandem Pro, Traveler    

Asymmetrical Seat Stays  
Key Features:
-Different length upper stays
-Quicker/easier to line up when installing seat  
Models affected:
Rover, Rambler, Tour 2, Sportster, Traveler    

Tie Rod Wrench Flats  
Key Features:
-Strategic cut outs for a 10mm wrench
-Securely hold tie rod while tightening tie rod nuts
-Speeds up adjustments
-Maintains alignment securely  
Models Affected: Rover, Rambler, Tour II, Sportster, Tandem Pro, Traveler    

Sliding Seat and Frame Guide
Key Features:
-Stops seat rotation on frame
-Fore / aft seat stops
-Pair with optional QR levers (released in spring) for easy seat adjustment  
Models Affected: Rambler, Tour II, Traveler  

“Obviously, we were pretty busy this year,” said Marketing Director Jeff Yonker. “All of these updates and new products stemmed from feedback we received from our customers and dealers. We are constantly innovating - working to provide solutions for our customers’ needs.”  

October 24 2013

TerraTrike Unveils New Folding Trike

TerraTrike unveiled a new folding trike called the Traveler at their Dealer Day event on October 23rd. The Traveler features a brand new frame design with hinges located along the mainframe and on its swept-back outriggers. Thought to be the only airline checkable trike on the market, the Traveler is also the smallest folding production trike in existence.

“This is a game changer,” said Marketing Director Jeff Yonker. “The Traveler has been a long time coming, but we wanted to do it right. We can fit two of these folded trikes in the back of any sedan, which is the most commonly owned vehicle style in the U.S.”

The Traveler’s frame geometry is based off of the current Rambler model’s frame, but with significant changes to allow for more heel clearance and impressive weight limit of 300 lbs. “We didn’t just take an existing frame, cut it in half and weld a hinge on it. This is a completely new frame design” stated R&D manager Pete Hall. “And the frame can be folded in under a minute with no tools required, and weighs only three pounds more than the Rambler.”

Available in an external 8 speed ($1799 MRSP), 24-speed Base level ($1999 MSRP), and 27-speed GT level ($2499 MSRP), the Traveler is one of the most affordable folding trikes on the market. An optional carrying case will also be available for purchase. The Traveler will be available for purchase in the Spring of 2014.

“We’ve been hoping that TerraTrike would be releasing a folder soon, and we weren’t disappointed,” said Bryan Ball, editor of the online recumbent board ‘BentRider Online. “They really hit it out of the park.”

The Traveler will be making it’s first public debut at the biennial Recumbent Cycle-Con November 1-3 in Pamona, California.

October 17 2013

Long Time TeraTrike Friend Dan Price Featured on NBC

Long time friend and TerraTrike distance rider Dan Price was recently featured on NBC news webpage as well as yahoo news talking about his minimaist lifestyle.

More than two decades ago, then-33-year-old Dan Price had a wife, two small children, a high-interest mortgage, and a stressful job as a photojournalist in Kentucky. He worried daily about money and the workaday grind.

"I told myself, ’buck up and pay the bills,’" said Price. "This is just the way normal life is."

Then he learned about what he calls "the simple life." Price read "Payne Hollow," a 1974 book about author Harlan Hubbard’s rejection of modernity and his primitive home on the shore of the Ohio River. Price’s marriage dissolved soon after, and the whole family moved to Oregon, where he grew up. Price opted to move alone into a tiny cabin in the woods, then a flophouse, then a teepee, and finally into an underground "Hobbit hole" on a horse pasture near a river, where he still lives. During the winter, he decamps to Hawaii to surf and avoid the harsh weather.

The full article as well as a short video can be seen by clicking here.

Here is the documentary we did of him several years ago.

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