December 03 2013

Holiday Mystery Gift Promotion!

This Holiday Season TerraTrike is giving away a Mystery Gift to every customer that purchases a trike. This is exactly like the Flag & Bag promos in the past.

The gift contains a bunch of goodies for you and your new trike and is valued at over $80! Accessorize it, bling it up, and show off your new TerraTrike.

Only, don’t ask us what’s in the box. It’s a surprise and we’ve sworn secrecy to Santa that we won’t tell.

Fine Print:
- Fill out redemption form online by clicking here
- Submit copy of reciept at bottom of from or you can mail / fax it to us
- Mystery Gift Bag will ship free directly from TerraTrike.
- Trike purchases between 12/1/13 and 12/31/13 from an authorized dealer or TerraTrike direct qualify.
- Information must be submitted no later than 1/31/13.
- Cannot return Mystery Gift Bag for credit or reimbursement.

November 29 2013

TerraTrike Santa Trike Race Game Returns

Back by popular demand is TerraTrikes "Santa Trike Race".

"The reindeers have all called in sick so Santa has a new sled this year. Help him get his "trike legs" in shape before Christmas by comleting 5 laps around the test track.

The player with the fastest time will win a prize valued at $50!"

On top of that you wil also get to view this years holiday video card upon completion.

Click here to try your luck.

Good luck!


November 04 2013

TerraTrike Introduces New Accessories, In-Line Updates

TerraTrike, maker of the world’s most comfortable recumbent trikes, announced a series of new accessories and updates becoming available to consumers over the next few months. Photos of all of the new releases can be seen at TerraTrike’s Flickr Stream. The following are new accessories: 

Chain Gobbler - ($79.97 MSRP, Available Winter ’13)

Adjust boom length quickly and easily with its quick release sliding idler. Size any Rambler or Sportster from short to long and back in seconds. No fussing with adding or removing chain links.

Seat Wedge - ($9.95 MSRP, Available Winter ’13)

Creates a raised area at the front of the seat to add support and reduce forward shift. Wedge shape creates a secure “bucket seat” feel. Fits snuggly into existing seat mesh. For use with or without seat cushion.

Lumbar Support - ($34.95 MSRP, Available Winter ’13)

Customizable back support that integrates into all current seats. Three pads with various sizes/densities allows for multiple configurations. Easily moves for fine tuned comfort. Installs in seat mesh for clean appearance. Open cell material to keep rider dry. Includes adjustable wrap to keep everything together. For use with or without seat cushion. 

Grip Gloves - ($24.95 MSRP, Available Spring ’14)

Provides anyone with motor skill issues the ability to maintain hand placement on handlebar. Comfortable neoprene glove easily slides onto handlebar. Anti-slip patches holds glove in place. Provides secure placement of the hands. Ambidextrous design. One size fits most (cut- to-length straps).

Angled Bottle Bracket - ($7.95 MSRP, Available Winter ’13)

Drip free angle and easy bottle removal promotes hydration. Angles bottle towards rider for easy access/removal. Holds bottle spout up to reduce dripping.

TerraTrike also announced in-line changes affecting some of their trikes for the 2014 season. These changes include:

Locking Seat-stay Pins
Key Features:
-Locking lever keeps pin in place to prevent them from falling out on rides.
-Positive locking action keeps pins and stays from rattling
Models Affected:
Rambler, Tour II, Sportster, Traveler, Tandem Pro

Computer Bracket  
Key Features:
-More adjustable
-Fits wide range of computer sensors
-Sensors mount more securely 
Models Affected: 
Rover, Rambler, Tour II, Sportster, Tandem Pro, Traveler   

Seat Mesh With Pocket  
Key Features:
-Pocket conveniently located on back of seat
-Great size for keys, phone, tools, etc.  
Models Affected:
Rambler, Tour II, Sportster, Tandem Pro, Traveler    

Asymmetrical Seat Stays  
Key Features:
-Different length upper stays
-Quicker/easier to line up when installing seat  
Models affected:
Rover, Rambler, Tour 2, Sportster, Traveler    

Tie Rod Wrench Flats  
Key Features:
-Strategic cut outs for a 10mm wrench
-Securely hold tie rod while tightening tie rod nuts
-Speeds up adjustments
-Maintains alignment securely  
Models Affected: Rover, Rambler, Tour II, Sportster, Tandem Pro, Traveler    

Sliding Seat and Frame Guide
Key Features:
-Stops seat rotation on frame
-Fore / aft seat stops
-Pair with optional QR levers (released in spring) for easy seat adjustment  
Models Affected: Rambler, Tour II, Traveler  

“Obviously, we were pretty busy this year,” said Marketing Director Jeff Yonker. “All of these updates and new products stemmed from feedback we received from our customers and dealers. We are constantly innovating - working to provide solutions for our customers’ needs.”  

October 24 2013

TerraTrike Unveils New Folding Trike

TerraTrike unveiled a new folding trike called the Traveler at their Dealer Day event on October 23rd. The Traveler features a brand new frame design with hinges located along the mainframe and on its swept-back outriggers. Thought to be the only airline checkable trike on the market, the Traveler is also the smallest folding production trike in existence.

“This is a game changer,” said Marketing Director Jeff Yonker. “The Traveler has been a long time coming, but we wanted to do it right. We can fit two of these folded trikes in the back of any sedan, which is the most commonly owned vehicle style in the U.S.”

The Traveler’s frame geometry is based off of the current Rambler model’s frame, but with significant changes to allow for more heel clearance and impressive weight limit of 300 lbs. “We didn’t just take an existing frame, cut it in half and weld a hinge on it. This is a completely new frame design” stated R&D manager Pete Hall. “And the frame can be folded in under a minute with no tools required, and weighs only three pounds more than the Rambler.”

Available in an external 8 speed ($1799 MRSP), 24-speed Base level ($1999 MSRP), and 27-speed GT level ($2499 MSRP), the Traveler is one of the most affordable folding trikes on the market. An optional carrying case will also be available for purchase. The Traveler will be available for purchase in the Spring of 2014.

“We’ve been hoping that TerraTrike would be releasing a folder soon, and we weren’t disappointed,” said Bryan Ball, editor of the online recumbent board ‘BentRider Online. “They really hit it out of the park.”

The Traveler will be making it’s first public debut at the biennial Recumbent Cycle-Con November 1-3 in Pamona, California.

October 17 2013

Long Time TeraTrike Friend Dan Price Featured on NBC

Long time friend and TerraTrike distance rider Dan Price was recently featured on NBC news webpage as well as yahoo news talking about his minimaist lifestyle.

More than two decades ago, then-33-year-old Dan Price had a wife, two small children, a high-interest mortgage, and a stressful job as a photojournalist in Kentucky. He worried daily about money and the workaday grind.

"I told myself, ’buck up and pay the bills,’" said Price. "This is just the way normal life is."

Then he learned about what he calls "the simple life." Price read "Payne Hollow," a 1974 book about author Harlan Hubbard’s rejection of modernity and his primitive home on the shore of the Ohio River. Price’s marriage dissolved soon after, and the whole family moved to Oregon, where he grew up. Price opted to move alone into a tiny cabin in the woods, then a flophouse, then a teepee, and finally into an underground "Hobbit hole" on a horse pasture near a river, where he still lives. During the winter, he decamps to Hawaii to surf and avoid the harsh weather.

The full article as well as a short video can be seen by clicking here.

Here is the documentary we did of him several years ago.

October 17 2013

Closed Wednesday 23rd for 2013 Dealer Day

TerraTrike and their showroom will be closed on Wednesday October 23rd as we host our 5th annual Dealer Day. This annual event brings in hundreds of dealers from all over the world to learn more about our company and find out about exciting new products for the upcomming year.

We will be back open on Thursday.

We apologize if this is causes any inconvienience. But hey, it’s only one day.

October 08 2013

TerraTrike Extends Pro-tember Sale

Due to the popularity of their "Pro-tember" sale, TerraTrike has extended it through the month of October and renaming it the "Proctober Sale".

TerraTrike has just announced a first ever sale of their popular Rambler and Sportster models. Named the “Pro-Tember Sale”, they are offering $300 off a Sportster Pro model or $200 on their Rambler Pro model from now until September 30th (Now October 30th).

“We’ve never had a sale where we’ve lowered prices on our trikes, so this is a pretty big deal” says CFO Wayne Oom. “The best part is that we’re offering a discount of up to $300 which makes upgrading to the Pro level a no-brainer.”

The instant discount is available to anyone purchasing through an authorized TerraTrike dealer or through the TerraTrike website while supplies last.

“There is still time to ride this season and our supplies won’t last long” says Oom. “This is a great promotion for anyone who has been on the fence about purchasing.”

October 07 2013

TerraTrike In Running for Super Bowl Commercial Contest

TerraTrike is in the running to be featured in a Super Bowl commercial for the Intuit Small Business - Big Game contest.

Small businesses deserve all the admiration we can give them. That’s why we’re putting one lucky business on the Big Game, where everyone can celebrate their passion as much as we do.

Vote by clicking the button below. You may vote once per day.

Show your recumbent pride and get the word out. If TerraTrike wins, we will be throwing a giant Super Bowl party - and you’ll all be invited!

September 25 2013

TerraTrike Featured In Hospital Ad Campaign

Borgess Hospital in Kalamazoo Michigan isn’t just a place where people go to get well, it’s a place where lives connect. Through their combination of compassionate care and medical expertise, they’ve touched hundreds of thousands of lives in unexpected ways.

When TerraTrike owner Mark Ellis needed a new hip replacement, his choice was Borgess.

So when the hospital decided to roll out a new ad campaign titled "Thats Where...", they asked Mark to be a part of it. And being that his TerraTrike was such a large part of his life and his rehabilitation, it became a focal point of the ad.

Check out the 30 second and long play versions of the television commercial below as well as a photo of the billboard also used in the campaign.




September 10 2013

New SS Wheels Available

TerraTrikes are designed to be sharp, sporty and comfortable. For those looking for the ultimate in response and style in their ride, however, SS wheels are the ideal upgrade. The wheels feature five wide, anodized aluminum spokes that greatly increase the aerodynamics of the wheels. The ridged spokes also enhance the stiffness and cornering abilities of the trike. Because of their unique look, the SS wheels are sure to catch the eye of any onlookers as you zoom around the bike paths and streets.

The SS wheels (formerly Samagaga) are available at the 20” size and retail for $499.00 for a set of three. They are compatible on all of our trikes*, but are best suited for the TerraTrike Tour II and Sportster models. We highly recommend these wheels for the serious rider looking to add an edge to their ride.

The SS wheel uses a deep-section rim so a folding tire is highly recommended (Tryker, Durano, Kojak, etc.). As an alternative, valve extenders are available, and required, for those who want to use wire bead tires (Marathons, CST, etc.). 

Click here to order

* Does NOT work with internally geared wheels

  • Aluminum spoke “Mag” style rim
  • Aerodynamic
  • Silver color
  • No Maintenance (wheels stay round and true)
  • Gives any trike a sleek look
  • Reminiscent of Crager ® SS car wheels from the ‘70s.
  • Front wheels weigh 1135g and rear wheel weighs 1248g
  • Tires and tubes not included
  • Sold a a set of 3 20" wheels

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