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December 07 2017

TerraTrike’s Hot Winter Promo

TerraTrike’s Hot Winter Promo is going on now!

Don’t miss your chance to save big on some TerraTrike branded accessories! Purchase a TerraTrike and you can get up to $200 in TerraTrike branded Accessories!

Read all the details here: www.terratrike.com/winterpromo.php

December 05 2017

Congratulations to the Dealer of the Year

TerraTrike congratulates our Dealer of the Year, West Michigan Bike and Fitness!
We are proud to introduce the 2017 TerraTrike Dealer of the Year, West Michigan Bike and Fitness. Serving the cycling community since 1938, the West Michigan Bike and Fitness believes cycling should be fun! They view cycling as a way for families to come together, for individuals to push their limits, and for fitness and activity to become a lifestyle. West Michigan Bike and Fitness is passionate about helping others discover the joy and rewards of bike and trike riding; it’s in their blood - four generations of it!

West Michigan Bike and Fitness actively promotes cycling in their community by offering weekly group rides, participating in recumbent rallies, assisting in special needs events, and by selling a lot of TerraTrikes along the way. They support the brand by being a Lifestyle Shop at all their locations, and they sell more accessories per trike than any other dealer. But selling the most, participating in all kinds of community events, and being a fourth-generation business isn’t all of it, they’re also fantastic partners who contribute with feedback at every level.

November 29 2017

TerraTrike’s Gift Guide

TerraTrike’s Holiday Gift Guide is the perfect place to get some gift ideas for the trike riders on your shopping list! From cozy socks to high visibility flags, we’ve got the perfect accessories to make any TerraTrike rider very happy!

November 26 2017

Big Savings on TerraTrike Accessories!

TerraTrike’s Black Friday through Cyber Monday Sale!
DETAILS: Get 25% off all TerraTrike branded accessories!
Orders must be placed through the TerraTrike.com website.
Use Promo Code TT25OFF at checkout!

November 08 2017

TerraTrike’s Military Discount Program

In support of our United States service members, all active military personnel or veterans are eligible for a 10% discount on all new TerraTrikes they purchase!

“There are a lot of veterans who are fans of TerraTrike, and we are always happy to hear how much a trike means to their recovery and general health,” said Jeff Yonker, TerraTrike’s Marketing Director. The Military Discount Program makes it a little easier for veterans, or active military personnel, to purchase a new TerraTrike.

In addition to the Military Discount Program, TerraTrike is offering a Veteran’s Day special - for every trike purchased through the Military Discount Program between November 11-17, 2017, TerraTrike will give the purchaser one free military flag extension for any branch of the U.S. military, or a Purple Heart Foundation or POW/MIA flag.

Customer must provide a valid military ID to qualify. Trike purchases through this program are limited to one per person, per year, and are intended for use by purchaser only. 

October 31 2017

Laid Back Cycle reviews the Gran Tourismo

Check out the ’Laid Back Review’ of the TerraTrike Gran Tourismo... "exhilarating performance resulting in the ultimate touring trike!"

The new frame design of the GT provides exceptional vibration dampening, more heel clearance, and a triangulated rear end that improves efficiency with every pedal stroke. With either the x16 or x20 component levels, the GT features direct steering, disc brakes, and an adjustable boom. The reclining seat has an extended seat pan to improve the posture of the body while maintaining ergonomic comfort.
The GT has a base MSRP of $1999 (x16 model) and is available through authorized TerraTrike dealers.
More information can be found here.

September 27 2017

E.V.O. Android and iOS App Now Available

TerraTrike and Falco Motors have released both an Android and Mac iOS App that adds even more functionality to the Rambler E.V.O.

The app allows you to review and adjust several different parameters.

  • Time Riding
  • Distance
  • Speed
  • eDrive Data
  • Torque Sensor Settings
  • Battery Level
  • Estimated Range
  • Assist Levels
  • Regen Levels

The app is available through the Google Play Store for Bluetooth and ANT+.
Falco Flash 3.0TT for Terra Trike E.V.O. (Bluetooth)
Falco Flash 3.0TT for Terra Trike E.V.O. (ANT+)

And the Apple iTunes App Store for Mac iOS
Falco Flash BLE 3.0TT for Terra Trike E.V.O. (iOS)

September 15 2017

Introducing The New Gran Tourismo

TerraTrike releases new touring trike, the 
Gran Tourismo, invites era of ‘trikepacking’

The GT is designed to go the distance – in comfort

TerraTrike, a pioneer in the recumbent tricycle industry, has released a new touring trike for the era of bikepacking. The Grand Tourismo (GT) is the result of 20 years of innovation, incorporating performance enhancements alongside TerraTrike’s signature ergonomics.

“The bikepacking bandwagon is really picking up speed and TerraTrike is rolling right alongside, offering something for the folks that want a bit more of a relaxed ride,” said Jeff Yonker, marketing director at TerraTrike. “Sitting on an upright bike seat can be tough, especially for long distances, day in, day out. We’re not saying the new GT is going to convert the whole road bike choir, but they don’t know what they’re missing.”

With a new frame design, the GT affords exceptional vibration dampening, more heel clearance for easier pedaling and entry, and a triangulated rear end that improves efficiency with every pedal stroke.

Outfitted with either “x16” or “x20” component levels, the GT features direct steering, disc brakes, an adjustable boom and a reclining seat with an extended seat pan to improve the aerodynamic posture of the body while maintaining ergonomic comfort.

“Add some of our new custom fitted Storage Solutions bags to the GT and you will be just as happy taking it on a jaunt to the grocery store as commuting 20 miles or heading out on a Race Across America,” said Yonker.

Since its founding in 1996, TerraTrike has worked hard to establish a passionate community of riders, and nurture the laid-back lifestyle around recumbent triking.

“It’s about being comfortable and staying active,” said Yonker. “And based on our increasing sales numbers, people coming from miles around for RiderFest and participation in TrikeGroups.com, this is what more and more people want. I say let them have their cake and eat it, too.”

The GT has a base MSRP of $1999 (x16 model) and will be available through authorized TerraTrike dealers beginning September 15. More information can be found here.

September 15 2017

BROL review of Gran Tourismo

From Bentrider Online:

"A quick scroll through our recent trike reviews will quickly tell you that TerraTrike has been releasing a lot of revised models over the last couple of years. They’ve also made a slew of minor and major improvements such as new seats, new steering geometry, new graphics and new accessories. I’d heard that all of these improvements would eventually be leading to a brand new model that would show of all of these upgrades all at once and introduce a few more. Now it’s here in the form of the all new TerraTrike Gran Tourismo."

Read the complete review here.

September 15 2017

RTR Review of the Gran Tourismo

From Recumbent and Tandem Rider Magazine:

"TerraTrike’s all-new Gran Tourismo is a typical TerraTrike o􀃗ering; typically well-designed, typically well made, typically attractive, and typically desirable. We had only a short window of opportunity with an early production rig before this issue went to the printer, but the window was large enough for us to be well impressed with what we saw and how it rode."

Read the complete review here

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