To us, the phrase "Part Of The Solution" defines someone or something that makes the world a little better. We try to give back more than we take from the planet and humanity in general. This section is designed to give credit to the people who are doing just that. Maybe they'll inspire you, or maybe it's just good reading/viewing, but hopefully it will make you think about what you're doing and how you can, in your own way, become Part Of The Solution.

Let us know how you are being Part Of The Solution - Maybe we'll do a video of you!

Dan Price - The Hobo Artist

OldtownHobo DanThis is Dan Price. He's a pretty unique guy. He rode one of our trikes from Joseph Oregon down the coast to San Diego, than across the United States all the way to Key West Florida. Over 4700 miles and still the longest trek on a trike that we know of.

Dan is a writer and produces hand-written and illustrated journals about his simple life at home and travels abroad. They are called the Moonlight Chronicles. He describes himself as a hobo artist and has been spreading his philosophy of how to live and create an authentic life while living frugally and creating a near zero carbon footprint.

MoonlightOh, and he lives in a hole in the ground.

A Thoreau for the twenty-first century, he has helped champion a growing trend that’s been referred to as “downshifting,” “opting out,” or “simple living.” What makes him so different and engaging is that he speaks from the authenticity of first-hand experience, for Price is an American original who has made his dreams a reality. His message is: “You can live a life of freedom, in harmony with the rhythms of nature, and your own internal rhythm and creativity. You can live very well with very little money. That’s what I’ve done, and I can show you how.”

Where Is Dan Now?His book, "Radical Simplicity" is as much a “reading” book as a how-to guide, one that expresses its profound insights into carving out a life of meaning in a beautiful, practical way. It is bound to strike a chord with world-weary baby boomers as well as time-pressured but still idealistic members of the younger generation.

He has labeled his latest project as the "Carbon Zero Project". It began in September 2007 and will continue for a full year, during which Price plans to emit as little carbon as possible.

"Don’t expect him to be trying to track down the carbon imprint of every can of tuna he opens and consumes," Price writes of himself, "but each issue of the Chronicles will document the extent of his pollution output."

Recently we featured him in episode 1 of our "Part Of The Solution" video documentary and also on CNN's iReport show. He also recently rode his trike across all of the Hawaiian Islands.

Dan is truly Part Of The Solution.

Ken & Jen - Coast to Coast in Support of Organ Donation

KenJenKenJenOn March 15th, 2010, Ken Burris & Jen Balentine set off on their TerraTrike Tours to pedal over 7000 miles to raise awarenes for organ doantion. Jen's daughter Alex died in 2000 after being hit by a car. Her decision to donate her organs at such a young age saved 4 peoples lives. This Tour was in her honor.

So after getting rid of all possesions except what could be carried on their trikes, they set off along with their pet chihuahua Simon in an attempt to ride coast to coast. Along the way they spoke to the media and anyone who would listen about the virtues of organ donation and left a little bit of Alex's ashes in each state. They also signed up anyone who was interested in becomming an organ donor.

As anyone who makes such a journey - especially by human power - will tell you, a journey like this will change you. Not only does it change your outlook of this great countries diverse landscape, but also your faith in humanity in general. Ken & Jen changed peoples perception of organ donation one pedal at a time, and that makes them Part of the Solution.

To become an Organ Donor go to: www.donatelife.net

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