One thing is for sure, our customers are fanatical about their TerraTrikes. Read these customer testimonials and their first hand experiences with their trikes. If you are an owner, and would like the world to hear about YOUR experience, drop us an email with a photo and we'll make sure the world knows what we already do, that the TerraTrike is the worlds most comfortable, well built and fun vehicle on the planet.

Bill Collins

I am a retired police officer. When I turned 65 I had an open heart operation. I’ve owned a TerraTrike for about four years. Within six days after I got home from the hospital, 10 days from the operation, I started slowly riding my TerraTrike. It got me back on the road to recovery faster than normal.
My heart doctor was so impressed, he brought one.
Thank you

Mrs. W. Erickson

I just recently bought the Rover.  That is the very best decision
I have ever made regarding buying something to ride.  I’ve always ridden a
2 wheeled bike but had to have a hip replacement and a year after that I
tried to ride my bike, couldn’t get my leg up high enough and fell
backwards smack on the back of my head.  I wasn’t hurt the least bit and it
was a very hard fall.  So I started looking for something fun, that would
strengthen my legs and yet be comfortable and safe.  The Rover is just
exactly what I want.  I so enjoy it.  The day I got it I rode like the wind
which at 72 years of age is so exciting and wonderful.  Thank you so much
for such a superior machine.  I’m just enjoying it so very much.  I’m the
talk of my neighborhood and I look forward to riding every day for years to
come. I’m Just so thankful that you invented it.

Carol Walter
Bloomington IN

I got my Rambler in mid-June.  Here in Bloomington, IN, we have a park called the B-Line Trail that is an old railroad bed.  On south of the B-Line is the Bloomington Rail-Trail, again an old railroad bed.  The B-line is 3.1 miles long.  When I got my trike a ride on the B-Line was the first thing I did.  Being a 60+ year-old grandmother and very out or shape, I started slowly.  Now, I’m up to doing the whole B-line from top to bottom and back plus about a mile on the Rail-Trail.  I love my Rambler so much that I can’t get the smile off my face when I ride.  There are a lot of bikes, walkers, and joggers on the trail.  The joggers usually don’t look like there have a good time at all! One day last week, one of them called to me as I went by, "You are entirely too happy!"

Kim Lowery

We rented a Terra Trike over the Labor day weekend for our 14-year old daughter. She loved it. This was the first time she was able to ride a bike. She has scoliosis and had to have back surgery a few years ago. The surgeon said that she probably would never learn to ride a bicycle because of balance issues that her s-curve has caused. So, Labor Day weekend was a true blessing with the TerraTrike. We actually went on a family bike ride! She had a smile on her face every time she whizzed by us.Thank you for bringing her and us such joy!

Kevin Trine
Novi MI / Phoenix AZ

Last year I underwent 3 level lumbar fusion from S-1 to L-3 and thought this is very GOOD info for TerraTrike. I’m 58 and have to be very careful with my back going forward and I’m blown away that there is zero discomfort while riding or afterwards!.

The lumbar support is perfect and my last ride was 6 miles . NO PAIN or DISCOMFORT. I’m totally geeked!

I spent 30 years as a Sales Professional and this is a monumental product for everyone with lumbar spinal issues and want you folks to know that this is a truly safe way to get a safe aerobic workout ! Well done and thank you my friends!

Oh, I almost forgot, you are an American / Michigan manufacturer. Amen to
that !

Richard Monckton
Littleton NH

I have been looking for a way off the couch and recently went looking for a recumbent bike. I am 62 and diabetic so I need to lose weight and exercise. Closest dealer which had any was 90 to 400 miles away. Stopped at every bike shop in the area.

NO ONE had one I could sit in and see if it would fit.  Finally found a dealer with the TerraTrike in stock.A lot closer and they were very inviting.  I was hooked from the moment I sat down, but the icing on the cake was the offer of a test drive.  Short ride later I was putting the Rover 8 in the back of my pickup.

Since then I have ridden the trike 3 days in a row. I look forward to it. Question being how can you sleep at night knowing you are getting others addicted to your trikes???

Thank you for a great product which is fun to ride. Now I have to trick it out darn it! Hello I am Richard and I am a Bent Trike Addict.

Larry (the cranky old man) Weber

Today I picked up my Sportster from Angletech here in Colorado Springs.

Wow kiddo, I am delighted with the trike, it was worth the wait. I have knee problems and after spending almost two hours talking to Kelvin, riding, sitting, adjusting, playing and adjusting again - I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO KNEE PAIN.

This is wonderful, I have no knee pain. (my Doctor loves this and is warning me not to overdo this at first - take time to condition she says)

Thank you again for your help and support. My friend (an ex military nurse), who ordered her Trike the same day as I did, has not received hers yet but Kelvin
will call her tonight. I’m not sure he understood how important the update is to us. Yes he’s super busy, but a phone call will relieve a month’s worth of anxiety.

Thank You again

Steve Cochrane

Three years ago I was diagnosed with CML Leukemia and Malignant Mastocytosis. Both are in the same family of blood cancers. Because I have both they are not curable. The best they could offer was chemo twice a day to extend my life. After 2 years I had to leave my job and take disability. Six moths later I could no longer drive safely and had to give up the keys.

For the same reason I could not drive a car with 4 wheels I could not ride a bike with 2 wheels. The winter passed and I had cabin fever. I was also getting weaker and needed a way to exercise. 5 of my friends that all live outside of the state I live in decided to help me. One of them got on the Internet and picked a bike shop to call. As it turned out they were a dealer for Terra Trike. They liked the safety of the trike and purchased it. The owner of the shop delivered it to my home personally.

I thank God for putting such good friends in my life. With the trike I have some of my freedom back and get the exercise I need.

Steve W
Mesa AZ

I bought my Rover in Jan 11,and started riding the same day. Since then I’ve ridden nearly everyday,unless Momma’s todo list needs something done around the house,and you know how that works! Anyway,living in the desert brings about it’s own challenges.The first being the heat from June-Oct. I ride on average 6-12miles per day (see Momma’s todo list above).For one I ride early in the morning and late in the evening.I ride mostly in my neighborhood and yes,the groupies are out! Many count the miles off as I go by their homes,and yes sometimes a raging chihuahua will try to eat my tires...."Bring it beast!" Last summer I only missed 3 days of riding and that was for vacation time with the family. Riding everyday just gets me going for the rest of the day and yup, I sleep like a baby!

Mike & Debbie Rodgers

A few weeks back, my wife and I went down to Council Bluffs to Xtreme Wheels and test drove the only TT they had left....the Sportser. Great gang of guys there. We also drove over to Des Moines to Barr Bikes and looked at the Tour II elite (with upgrades) and the Rover.

Inventories move quickly. I think one reason for your success is that you make a great bike at a reasonable price. When people look at a CAT or and ICE, they’re gonna come shopping for a TerraTrike...which by no means is a lesser quality compromise.

The trikes have spoiled us for riding anything else. We go down by the River bike trails and get "THAT LOOK". We even try to "sell" the trikes (go to the dealer). I think we have the only trikes in Sioux City. There are a few Recumbent bikes here, but who wants one of those????? We enjoy the LOW LIFE.

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