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Good evening all, I sold the trike today. Its been a good machine, but was it heavy. Base trike was 65# with all the options that I added I guess it was getting close to 75#. 21 speed delta style, with disc brakes in the rear. Really good trike I had almost 20,000 miles on the trike, it was the Sun USX. I ride almost everyday, won't come home till I out at least an hour or more, all year long. I live about 40 miles south of St. Louis, MO. Kinda of hilly here, but what is a hill with the proper gearing. I love to ride. I am 67 1/2 yrs. old. The best shape I've been in since I got out of boot camp in '66. Well I have been thinking for a long time of getting a new trike, something a lot lighter, and a step above what I had. Well into this mix, I have to add that I have Age Related Macular Degeneration, which means that someday I may have to move to the stoker position on a tandem, I hope not. My bike riding buddy told me about the Rover, I had been looking at the Rambler, I want the higher seat due to some knee issues. My daughter said to me Dad maybe you should consider the Rover and if necessary at a later date you could make it a tandem. So I will look at and test ride a Rover Wed. morning and if I like it, it will have a new home by noon time. I have read all the post on this forum, like what I read. I have looked at all the videos on YouTube, like what I saw. So I just bet the Rover will have a new home Wed.
So I may be a new member of the Rover Krew.


  • As long as you can fix/replace everything yourself, it's a good choice. We've had 0 success with LBS people getting it right.
    Or if you live close to Peter_C then you have it made! :D
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  • Hehe - I am self-taught. I simply wished to do my own trike work, and since I had a few months after buying my Rover (DEC) til I could actually ride it, I read, and took apart, and learned how to put parts back together, and bugged both Kelli and Ben a fair bit.

    I have maybe $40 bucks in special tools, otherwise I am using tools already owned. There are many, many good pages on the internet to teach you how to do stuff. Asking on BROL, getting help from Captainbob (thanks for all the links Bob) has made it easier to do.

    I do like helping others, and am willing to help other Rover Owners learn about their trikes. PMs, email, phone, or visit - it's all good. It saddens me when good people have problems with their Rovers, it takes all their joy away from their trike.

    I love my Rover. Of course, I have my wishlist, but if it wasn't for the weight limit, higher seat, and price point of the Rover, I would never have been able to get a trike. The Rover does have to use some middle-shelf parts to keep the price down, but if that bothers a person, they can do upgrades easily, or simply buy a higher-end trike.

    I dream of a GreenSpeed Magnum personally, but until I win a lottery, my Rover will care for me just fine.

    To the OP - many people love the Rover just as it comes. My engine and knees are so bad, I needed to lower the entire gear range of the Rover. I also chose to change from the stock tires to Big Apples (20X2.00). Shorter crank arms (152mm), and top-shelf brakes (want, not a need). I have never really had the seat-slipping issue that some have had, and my Rover is a first Gen. if you have questions, many of us here are happy to help you~!
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