Linear Tube for rear wheel fixes

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After 100 miles occasionally reinflating my rear Rover tube, whose patch I had applied had a very slow leak, I bit the bullet and got a couple linear replacement to use, one for the future. I could not handle removing the Rover-8 rear chain, brake cable, and axle nuts as I only have very limited use of my stroke damaged hand.

I just submitted a glowing review over on the product page, which I expect will be released for viewing over there shortly. :D

Bottom line, it worked just as bump is felt when riding with it...replacement was easy to do 1 and a half handed, by using tire irons, a yellow stick, some talcum powder to help lubricate positioning the tube, and a CO2 inflater. The tube is very heavy duty, I do not anticipate having to deal with this again for many many miles. I have kevlar belted Marathon tires...the 1st 8 thorns I pulled out of them caused no damage, the 9th thorn was in the back tire and managed to flatten it. I've read of riders going thousands of miles with no flats with Marathons...I only made it 40. sigh. But I ride along a RR converted bike trail with thousands of adjoining thorn bushes. Here's hoping I go many miles before the odds catch up with me again.

I do not consider this 'temporary', which I wondered about as it was listed for emergency repairs. And there is no need of one for the front Rover wheels, as they can easily have tubes relaced without removing the wheels.


  • Good review... Thanks.......
  • If you have the front fenders, you may wish to carry a 2mm allen wrench in your kit...
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  • How well does the linear tube work with 20x1.5 tires? I know it's specified as a 20x1.95 tube, and 20x1.5 would be pushing it...

    That way, I know what tires to buy, when it comes time to upgrade them - the way my trike's set up, I pretty much must use the linear tube for the rear wheel (the fender stays are in the way of removing the rear wheel, in my case, and removing those introduces several other issues), and standardizing on one tube model means I can carry fewer tubes. If they work fine with 20x1.5, that means I get more fender clearance (I have occasional rubbing issues even at 20x1.75).
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  • I purchased a linear tube from TT and thought it was the greatest idea for an easy rear repair. That was until I received it in the mail, and noticed that it was a Schrader valve and not a presta! TT failed to inform their buyers about this all important fact. The picture show's a half of a valve cover, that's it! What a waste of $20. You see I'm in Canada, so by the time I get taxes, duty, shipping and handling....I'm sure you see my point. I donated it to a LBS for a child in need.
  • Yep, the Cobra tube is only available in Schrader valve. There's a close up of the valve in a thumbnail in the lower left of the item description, and you can see it's a Schrader, but saying "Schrader valve only" in the item description would have been much better, especially since so many of the trikes TT sells use Presta valves. (Indeed, in one of the videos, the TT repair guy even says "Prestas are just better valves"...until you want to use a Cobra tube....)

    Of course, my Rover uses Schrader rims, so I'm cool.....
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