TRIKE ALARM - Has anyone tried TT's trike alarm

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I see that TT has a new alarm for trikes...


I can buy a magic siren lock for $40 on down. There are cheap motion alarms out there. What makes this special? I am interested, but given the price ($70+), this potential purchase requires due diligence.

Which I am doing thus...

Anyone out there a happy owner of this unit? How does it work? Is it loud? Does it work in the rain? Is it worth the $$$


  • Thus far, no Happy Campers have come forward to Speak Out - and this post has been there a while.

    (Chonk - how about a video showing how the thing works?)
  • We are actually working on a video for it. Should be posted sooner than later.
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    Sales, TerraTrike
  • Glad to hear that.
  • Hehe - how much sooner?

    /notes it is now then end of JAN
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  • I bought two of the TT bike alarms while at dealer day this spring, and have used them on two bikes since.

    Long story short? They work well except that their range is too limited to be very useful. If I go more than 50 feet from the bike inside a building, the remote sensor starts to lose signal.

    So, definitely better than nothing, but only when you'll just be stepping inside a small store or restaurant, rather than heading for the back aisles of a Home Depot for example.
  • So I purchased the Cycle Chimp Alarm and I was curious... Where did people decide to mount the alarm on their trikes? I have a Path II and it seems like all the good places to mount are either too big or too small for the enclosed clamp.
  • On our Rover Tandem, it was mounted on the vertical post for the headrest. I've since removed it.
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