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I'll note that in my experience, with a Path, with the stock CST tires, the seat adjusted forward all the way, and reclined one notch up from maximum, the bag can rub on the tire, if there's a lot of stuff in the middle of it.

So, I'd be careful with loading it if you don't have at least a rear fender, and are reclined heavily, which applies to me.

Otherwise, it's quite useful.
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  • One more great reason for having at least a rear fender on every trike (besides the stripe thingy).
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  • If you want more capacity than the TT bike, we've also found our Arkel Recumbent Bag (purchased for use on an Easy Racer 2 wheel LWB recumbent) also works fine on our TT Rover tandem, mounted on the back of the Captain's seat.
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