Aluminum Rack - PIA

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My aluminum rack was delivered last week & I put it on today.

It was not as easy as I thought it would be. The biggest challenge is understanding which BOLTS are which. I also found that on the frame by the rear hub area it was easier to run a bolt in by itself to clear out the threads.

I think I will like having the add-on. I do suggest to TT that they consider changing the instructions a bit. Maybe use images of the bolts shown in actual size.

Thanks :shock:


  • in the same boat.

    TT instructions are less than helpful....

    are thee any video instructions?
  • Will pass this along. Thanks for the tip.
    Kelli B
    Sales, TerraTrike
  • The aluminum rack is listed as custom made for all Terratrikes. However, after a lot of adapting with various size washers/spacers, I still cannot get a reliable fit on my Tour/Tour II. The inside measurement of the rack's vertical members is 4-1/2", yet the outside dimension of the dropouts is 6-3/8". Please do not suggest I mount the rack to the INSIDE of the dropouts- that would cause severe damage to the chain and/or 2 smaller gears. Also, the straps that are welded to the rack's frame tubing are not flush to the inside or outside of the tubing making for a clumsy fit to the seat stays.

    The rack is otherwise well fabricated- it is strong! Any chance my rack is a manufacturing defect? Can I get it exchanged? Any possibility that these issues may be corrected? Thanx!
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