break down for transport?

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I'm really moving toward buying a Terra. I love the Rover's being able to be disassembled, and as per my older postings in the Rover, I'm hoping it will fit in my Honda Civic Hybrid's trunk.
But the Rambler really looks appealing...will it break down as simply as the Rover for transport?


  • Nope the Rambler will not break down. I did come up with a roof mount solution that works well for me and my car. It took some thinking on my part, ouch, as I couldn't find any ideas online that worked for me.
  • Thanks, Farva.....I've considered getting a rooftop rack with rails for two..or maybe three...bikes and putting it up on top. Or I could go ahead and get a hitch put on my Civic (5 year warranty is up later this year!) and get a Hitch Rider or whatever that rack is called. Would love to know what you came up with.
  • I still don't have a camera at the moment but here goes....
    I already had a roof rack for my mountain bike. The type where you remove the front wheel and attach the forks directly. That doesn't matter because you won't be using the fork attachment end anyway, which is at the front of the vehicle. You will be placing the single, rear wheel of the trike in the craddle/wheel tray at the back of the vehicle. (See the image.)
    Next, you need to wheel stays up front, one on either side of your bike carrier. I found that Yakima makes a system called Boa that works great. (See the second image.) I did not want to buy 2 Boa systems because you only need the wheel trays and have no use for the other parts and that is way too expensive. So I went to and simply ordered the replacement parts individually to put together two of the wheel trays. They will work with either round or square rails. I have square rails so I had to cut the inner tabs off the snaparounds. I just grabbed a kitchen knife and it took like 30 seconds. You will only be using the part that straps over the wheel. Here are the parts I ordered (they ship very fast at ORS, I highly reccomend them)...

    Yakima Boa Short Wheel yakima-8820126-boa-short-wheel-tray-spare-part 12.60 each (you need 2)
    Yakima Boa Wheel Strap - yakima-8820111-boa-wheel-strap-spare-part 5.40 each (you need 2)
    Yakima Universal yakima-8810135-universal-snaparounds-spare-part (set of 4) 9.90 (you only need 2 of these but they come in a set of 4 so you will have spares)
    Yakima 5/16 x 2-1/4 Bolts yakima-8880010-5-16-bolts-spare-part (set of 4) 3.60 (these also you only need 2 of, so there will be 2 leftover)

    So, the price for this stuff is 49.50 plus shipping. I went to the hardware store and bought 2 washers, 2 lock washers, and 2 nuts for like 40 cents. I already had the bike rack and don't remember the cost of that but it wasn't cheap.

    I would not recommend this to everyone. These trikes aren't very heavy but I am 6'2", pretty strong and only lifting onto a Volvo sedan. This might be difficult for some people. I hope this helps and sorry for not having pics.

  • Farva, many thanks for your inventiveness and the time you put into your reply. I will weigh this into my decision of whatever I buy....
  • Yakima also makes a nifty little trailer that comes with two of these round bars (two different sizes). You can mount any of their bike or canoe thingies on this that you would put on your roof. Then, the wheels come off, the tongue unhooks, and the sum of all the parts is only 160lbs - so the trailer can go up on the roof of their car after they drop you off (I don't think it would quick and easy to drop the trailer's bars into Q-Towers - but I know there is a quick and easy way to get 'er done). ... tgodvzT10g

    The biggest draw back is that they are really proud of this thing at Yakima.
  • BradY wrote:
    Universal Trike Carrier (UTC) by Terra Trike
    Can you point us to this online? I can't find it on the TT site.
  • I have a Hyundai Veloster and my Rambler fits in the back (barely) by just laying the cars seats down, pulling the seat pins on the Rambler so it lays flat and the rear wheel goes up on the console between the seats. Not the best solution, but it works.

    My car has the glass roof so that UTC will be worth looking into.
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