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Ok, here's what I need to know. I have a Rambler 24 speed with a TEMPO FSA triple crankset, biggest gear has 52 teeth. Bear with me!! My brother in law has a Greenspeed GT3, second edition, Shimano Tiagra triple crankset. Now, I bought a Catrike chainring guard for a 130bcd and it fit my Rambler and the screw holes are exactly the same for the Tiagra. I need to know, if the screws,nuts and spacers will work on the Greenspeed Tiagra crankset? What should I look out for when measuring the FSA Tempo Crankset (52 teeth) against the Shimano Tiagra Crankset (50teeth)? I know that my largest front gear is 8.5 inches across and my brother in laws is 8.25 inches across and the catrike guard is 8.75 inches across, but the one that I made for his Greenspeed, I made at 8.5 inches across. I am thinking that if the original screws and nuts are the same for both the Tempo and the Tiagra, in diameter and length, then they both should use the same spacers and screws and nuts. Do you think I'm right?
I need to hear from those trikers or bikers who understand the triple cranset setup and have good knowledge about the differences of the FSA tempo and the Shimano Tiagra cranksets.
Thanks for any information concerning this question.
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