Good ride today

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Weather is great here in Iowa. Went for my first "long" ride. Just rode some trails on a school campus. I will be using Digifit to track my progress and improvement in fitness. Apparently I covered 5.6 miles. Sure didn't feel like it. Riding my Rambler is so easy. I am getting better at shifting and knowing when to. No buyer's remorse here. I really like riding my trike.



  • Congratulations! I agree the weather in Iowa has been great. It was really warm when I got my new bike a couple of weeks ago but then it rained and I had to make time to mow the yard. I have just been riding around the neighborhood trying to get the feel of the bike. I got an 8 speed rambler also Orange, just love it! My sister got the green one. Do you have your seat sitting up straight or do you have it leaning back? I have mine up straight, when I tried it more leaning back I kept sliding down in the seat! Enjoy your riding!
  • Hi. I have ridden a couple more times since my last post. I am really enjoying my trike. My seat was back somewhat, can't remember which hole for sure. I did put it up one and have not ridden it since. It is rainy and cool here now. I did go on a 10+ mile ride last Monday, Tuesday off and 6 miles on Wed. I really need to catch up on my "housework" so the rainy weather may not be a bad thing. Guess we do need the moisture.

    Have a good ride.!!

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