Seat Adjustment Pins

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I found a solution for the Seat Adjustment Pins when they get loose and almost fall out. I took a rubber cap that the automotive industry caps off vacumn hose fittings with and pushed it over the ball end of the pin. They are available at most automotive stores. Just push the rubber cap over the end of the pins where the little ball is and they keep the pins in the holes. I had trouble with the pins backing out and almost coming out. I looked at my wifes after our last 12 mile ride and her pins were just about to fall out so I put the caps on her's also. Just one way to make sure the pins stay in place. If you ride on some bumpy paved roads or bumpy dirt then the pins have a tendency to bounce inside the holes and work themselves almost out, I haven't lost one yet but am sure I would lose one if I didn't apply this fix. Just a thought to share on an item that could get lost while riding. Good luck and keep trikeing.


  • That's a very good idea! For the pins on my Rover, as a hold over solution until something better comes along, I just took a rubber band, doubled it up, looped it through the key ring part, then around the pin on the other side.
    Can kind of see it in this pic:
  • Another cheap simple pin fix, before the original pins are lost. On my Rover I put small zip ties around the seat tube, and through the loop of the pin, locking it tightly in place. The zip ties are light enough they can easily be broken if need be by twisting a pen or rod thru them, or easily cut with a pocketknife.

    I have found an assortment of zip ties almost as essential for a Red Green guy like myself as duct tape and WD40.

    Paul H
  • Zip ties are another great idea. I was going to go with those, as I too have Red Green syndrome. Only reason I didn't was because I have to lower the seat back to get it into the vehicle.
  • What is Red Green syndrome?
  • Red Green is kind of like Canada's Larry the Cable Guy, not his actual name or personality, but how the world knows him. The Red Green show is sketch comedy/home improvement parody. I grew up (I'm only 26) watching it on PBS late at night with my grandpa when he got home from work. When you're that young you believe most things on t.v. so his comedy kind of became a way of life for me.

    For more, here's the wikipedia link:

    Back to topic, after a few rides on bumpier roads, I noticed the rubber band idea I had just isn't cutting it. The pins were loosening themselves enough that the rubber bands slipped off. Time to come up with another quick release method so I can still get it in the car when I want to.
  • How about some twist ties, like you might find for the bags in the produce section of your grocery or left over from a box of trash bags?
  • Does anyone know where to get replacement pins?
  • They have them on the Utah Trikes web site ... _Pins.html

    for a permanent usable solution so you don't loose them, go to your local hardware store and buy a small spring, they have them about the diameter of a pencil in many lengths, just get one long enough to put a little tension on it but it will be long enough that you can easily pull the pins when you need to.
    Hook the spring into the rings on the pins and just insert both pins from the outside going in and the spring will be pulling them together keeping both in place.
  • How about these: ... lamps.html

    Has anyone tried them on the Terratrike seat stays? Are they the right size (or close enough) to work? If not, could something similar be made for TT?

    Edit: Answering my own question...

    Hostel Shoppe has them in two sizes. One of them fits Terratrike seatstays! ... 1167233690
  • Has anyone tried them on the Terratrike seat stays?

    Yes... they work very well. Make the seat much more rigid than with the pins. Worth the (outrageous) price.

    Peter B.

  • Thank you! The end caps do just the trick!
  • melba1023 wrote:
    Does anyone know where to get replacement pins?
    yes I do find a grainger store they may have them or may have to order them I just got some today from them ring pin detent 3/16 x1 1/2 in. pk10 part # 3hlj8 hope this helps you
  • This is a timely thread. We just introduced a new size of Seat Strut Clamp specifically for the new, larger diameter seat struts on the newer TerraTrikes. We now make 3 sizes of the clamps.

    Older Terratrikes have Seat Struts that are a 5/8in tube that slides inside a 3/4in tube. The newer trikes have a 3/4in tube that slides inside a 7/8in tube.

    You can purchase the clamps from many dealers and from places like Utah Trikes and the Hostel Shoppe. We also sell them from our website. For more information, you can go to our website or check out the announcement on BentRider Online

    --Pat Franz
    TerraCycle, Inc.
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