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I just got my rambler yesterday and love it. my question to anyone. have you changed out to the higher pressure tires and is it worth it?


  • Well, I have a Rover not a Rambler, but doubt this changes tire usage much if at all. And I purchased the high pressure Marathon tires right off the bat, due to over 15 years bicycle commuting, and over 50 years cycling in general...

    To me the decreased rolling resistance one gains from high pressure tires always makes them the superior choice, except in some specialized situations like off road mountain biking or winter snow riding...neither of which I expect to do on my trike.

    For rolling resistence decreases alone I prefer the high pressure tires. When I allowed some air to leak out of my tires through weeks of inattention and a drop in temperature, I could feel my riding slowing down considerably. One portion of my routine ride while my wife walks our dogs involves turning onto a trail with an almost imperceptable downgrade. When I turn on the path I make the most out of my coasting, not pedaling at all until I coast to a stop (as I am outdistancing wife and dogs.) With pressures down I coast to a stop in about 200 feet. With pressures rock hard I coast between 300 and 350 feet.

    Also the higher pressure tires have a rep for lasting many more miles, as well as being more flat resistant. For years my bikes were a succession of increasingly good mountain bikes, that I would swap 2.25" 40 or 50 lb tires with narrow 1.25" 100lb tires...and put thousands of miles on them with my commute and vacation touring. For me it's a no brainer...the only downsides are a hasher ride (mitigated from what I have read with Big Apple tires), and decreased traction if you try to ride across a wet lawn or on loose sand/dirt...both of which I avoid.

    BUT, different strokes for different folks, there are others who really want the suspension give a low pressure tire affords, especially since you can't very well "stand on your pedals" over a rough patch while on a recumbent, like you can on a 2 wheel road or mountain bike.

    Good luck,

    Paul H.
  • thanks paul. i am going to have to wait to get them though not in the budget!! :roll:
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