September 2012 Human Powered Vehicle Festival [Ayer MA]

edited August 2012 in Massachusetts
A previous post about the 2011 festival was announced previously on this forum.

The 3rd Annual Human Powered Vehicle Festival will be is an annual event hosted by the Friends of the Nashua River Rail Trail (, where lots of unusual vehicle owners gather to show off and let other riders and the public try their vehicles.

The vehicles that come are too varied to easily describe, so I've just shown a few examples below.

The festival includes a long road ride in the morning, lots of fun showing off vehicles in the parking lot in the afternoon, a parade, and this year will include special events in celebration of the Nashua River Rail Trail's 10th anniversary. The schedule will be posted as soon as it's finalized.

We'd love to have more people come with vehicles, or just come to check out what others bring. If you plan to bring a vehicle to show off or let others try, please send us email ( so we know who to expect and can give you access to the closest parking.


Our website is the best place to get up-to-date information. You can sign up for an email mailing list on the front page. We are trying Facebook and Twitter, too, this year. To help us spread the word by spamming all your friends, you can join our Facebook Event ( Or follow our Twitter feed (!/HPVehicleFest) to have access to whatever random thoughts travel through our brains. (Is my enthusiasm for social media coming through?)


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