Rambler wheels and Presta valves

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Just went to check the air pressure before my ride tonight and noticed that I've got Presta valves, not Schrader. My air pump has a gauge/adapter for both, so no worries there. My question is...I jumped the gun and purchased spare tubes already with Schrader style valves. Will these rims accommodate them? I read some where that not all wheels are able to. :?


  • You'll have to drill out the rims if you want to use Schrader valves.
    Kelli B
    Sales, TerraTrike
  • Can you tell me if the Cobra Linear replacement tube I purchased is a Presta or a Schrader? of if it's universal? If there is such a thing.

    Thanks for your advice on drilling too, although I'm not likely to get that extreme.
  • I did a Google search, and it appears that the cobra tube is also a schrader valve. According to this site
  • Thanks for looking into that for me...often forget how easy it is to find such info. Showing my age :oops: Guess I'll have to find someone with a BMX bike to take the two tubes. Guess I should have looked into the TerraTrike site on this long ago.
  • Not a problem, sorry they won't work out for you.
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