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I just took delivery of two ramblers two weeks ago from Amlings recumbent bike shop in the Chicagoland area. My wife has yet to ride hers due to some recent surgery. I on the other hand have been putting about eleven miles every other day on mine. They are both the twenty four speed base models. Love the trike! I have three bad discs in my back and am able to ride in absolute comfort. My only complaint is that the seat fabric has begun to pull out of the two grommets located at the top of the seat back. I tilt the scales at 233. The manual states the trike can handle300 lb. Is this something to worry about or am I getting worked up over nothing. My fear is that the holes will worsen and the seat fabric will begin to slide down the seat tubes and compromise my near perfect ride comfort. I know the grommets allow flag positioning but at what cost to seat integrity?


  • If you feel you have a faulty seat mesh contact Joe or Julie at Amlings and tell them that Kelli said we would warranty that for you. The grommets shouldn't be ripping out.
    Kelli B
    Sales, TerraTrike
  • Just got a call from my trike shop that the new replacement seat fabric was in. Thanks a bunch for the quick warranty service Terratrike!
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