headrest for rambler

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anyone here make a headrest for their rambler? if so how did you do it? at this time i do not have the funds to purchase one from TT.


  • I got one of the TerraTrike headrest. It took me about ten minutes to realize I had made a mistake. As soon as I put my head against it I felt every bump in the road regardless of how small it was. I would not take much of this vibration to give you a headache. Think about this before you do it.
  • Built one for under 15 dollars will try it out tommorrow
  • Davef908

    It's tidbits of sharing like that we all appreciate.  I was wondering how the headrest was going to work with my helmet but now…………..


    Let us know what you got…….I was thinking about an elastic band or spring strap affair………??
  • I thought I'd like a headrest as well.... I'm glad I didn't purchase one though. I've found after getting nearly a hundred miles on mine in a week and a half that I do not need one, my neck supports itself just fine. But, I will say carpal tunnel issues, NOT neck issues lead me to the trike world ;o)
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