Building upper body strength

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Does anyone know of how the Rambler can be adjusted to allow for more exercise of the upper body while riding? Adjusting the handlebars? Reclining the seat more? Ideas are welcome.


  • Ride .5 miles stop and lift trike over your head and hold for 10 seconds.
    Repeat every .5 mile.

  • Yes, I did mean that in a sarcastic way. Short of actually lifting the tricycle. I do not see any what that one would be working the upper body unless you can use the handle bars to pull your self up. That for me is not happening since my main disability is shoulder problems from DJD.
  • I solved the problem on my Rambler by mounting a cup holder on the LHS. I then get a Starbucks non fat latte which I lift out of the holder every one hundred yards and raise in the air to salute any overtaking cyclists. After ten such lifts I take a sip as a reward. It is not heavy of course but the reps provide a good work out for the triceps. You can add a one pound wrist band (sports authority for a buck or so) to make the work out more intense.
    Best wishes!
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