right brake siezing

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My wife and I have identical Ramblers and we are plagued with brake problems. We have the Zoom brakes fitted to both of ours and the wifes' right brake is seizing at unpredictable times. We've had it to a local bike shop for repair twice and just yesterday it locked up again, forunately close to home. The cable isn't fouled in any way and runs free in the housing, but the lower actuator arm won't return when the grip lever is released. I can manually twist it to relaease the brake. I'm not sure whether there is a return spring issue or an adjustment problem. Any advice for a newbie?


  • The best advice, if you can afford it, is to upgrade to different brakes. The Avid BB7 are pretty much the best out there, but also rather costly. Several Rover and Rambler owners have had to go this route. I'm still running the stock brakes, after about 400 miles. I have them adjusted the best I can, and refuse to try tweaking them any. The last adjustment took me about 2 hours.

    As for what could be causing this issue, I'm not real sure. It sounds like it could be the cable. It may feel as if it moves freely, but it doesn't take much to cause it to snag just enough to keep the brake from returning.
  • One brake was full of mud and grit. I removed the caliper (let it hang from the cable), backed out the pad adjusters (5 mm Allen wrench for the outer, 3mm Allen for the inner), removed the pads with needle nose pliers (tiny magnets hold the pads in place), put the pads aside and made sure I didn't lose the magnets, and cleaned the caliper internals with aerosol solvent ($2 non-chlorinated brake cleaner at any auto parts store). Wash the pads in the solvent if needed. Put everything back together. Adjust the pads very close to the disc using the Allen wrenches. You're good until you again get crud inside the calipers.
  • Update...I found that the disc was slightly bent. A new disc fixed this. The magnets that hold the pads in place in the caliper were broken. TerraTrike sent a new caliper assembly under the warranty.
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