My new Tour II and what I would like to change.

edited March 2013 in Tour II
I picked up a new Tour II yesterday and comming from a Rover it is really diffrent. I made a few changes before it ever hit the pavement, first I replaced the single gear crankset with my Patterson 2 speed from the Rover.
Now for what I want to change and maybe Terra Trike or someone here can help me figure it out... I would like the handle bars to be 5 inches taller! Where the grips and brake levers mount if it could just go straight up 5 more inches it would be super comfy. Is there such a thing as a straight bar extension?? Oh, a rear fender is a must! Rode 21 miles today and got hit in the back of the head many times with little pebbles and dirt so i'm ordering just a rear fender for it. Other than the handle bars its truly a great trike!!
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