Fender lights?

edited September 2012 in Accessories
A question for the techs or anyone who's pulled it off.
Are the deluxe fenders sturdy enough to mount taillights, and maybe even headlights?
I’ve found a few like the Fenderbot, and if drilling the fenders is out due to low clearance then I’m fairly good with epoxy or JB weld to fix a helmet knob on the fenders to mount a standard bike taillight.
The main reason I’m concerned about this is just how abysmal the drivers are in my area. Even native New Yorkers, Chicagoans, and people from across the country that have to drive in Greenville, NC complain about the poor driving abilities of those in my area—between the plethora of college students clogging the roads and the preponderance of simply inattentive drivers, I’m looking to light up like a Christmas tree and accentuate my full 33” width for self-defense. Pedestrian and cyclist hits are an almost daily occurrence in this town it seems, the town is not well laid out for either foot or bike traffic—and the best commuter path I’ve found still has me next to one of the busiest roads in town for most of a 7 mile work commute.
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