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I bought the Sportscrafters MagTrainer from TT to continue exercising on the trike when it's too cold to ride outside. When I first set it up to use it today, I found I couldn't keep the rear wheel of the trike from crawling over and falling off the rollers -- even with the brakes locked.

Am I missing something? I thought this would be a no-brainer to set up and use. Does anyone else use this device? How did you fix the issue I have?


  • Do you have a 26" or a 20" rear wheel? There are two ways to set up the roller.
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  • 20" wheel, trainer set with smaller of two lengths -- right for size, as I read the instructions.
    The problem I'm having is with the wheel working its way to the edge/side of the device and falling off.
  • It sounds like you have it in the rollers in the right locations. It sounds like the wheel is just not centered in the rollers correctly. If you have the wheel/tire just the slightest bit crooked, then the wheel will slowly work it's way of the rollers. If you have it CENTERED in the rollers with the brakes locked, then the tire should not come off at all!
    Lydia R.
    Customer Service Manager
    TerraTrike - Part of the Solution
  • I agree with Lydia. I am using the mag trainer and have not had the problem that you describe. However, I do use these riser blocks on the front wheels in order to level the trike. They may aid in keeping the rear tire from "walking".
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  • Keino, on those risers..
    The Amazon page says..
    Fits 24", 26", 27" and 700c wheels
    Doesn't mention our small 20" size.

    If you're using this with the standard 20" wheel, do you notice any problem with that?
    Do you still get a snug fit of the tire in the riser?
  • Yes, I am using these with the standard 20" wheels. Work fine. Photos below, ignore the bike stand in the middle.


    8000 miles and counting...
  • I am using the mag instructor and have not had the issue that you explain. However, I do use these riser prevents on the top side tires to be able to stage the tricycle.

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