New Tour II

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Hello Everyone,

Just saying hello...
I just picked up my Tour II Saturday and of course it snowed Sunday.
Can't wait for sping now hope to put many miles on it, maybe commute if I can find a safe way in and out of work.
I hope that I will be able to ride as much as I did before I hurt my neck and get back into shape.



  • hi Jim
    My wife & I just got our tour II's the end of oct. We have road two 28mile rides, absolute no neck,back,or but pain
    You are going to love riding your's If you find it to be a little slow upgrade to the 26" wheel & 100psi tiers I just
    did mine. it add about 2 mph on an easy peddle I can't what to see how fast i can get it up to all out
    I did not do the wife's yet (see if she can keep up) have lots of fun

    Merry Christmas
    Jim & Lori
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