26" Wheel on Zoomer

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If one just puts a 26" wheel on the back of a zoomer doesn't that change the front suspension geometery? How does that work. Wouldn't it be better to raise the back frame 3" first to keep the same angle at the front? Is there a new model in the works to do that?


  • Neil264,

    The 26" wheel kit comes with new dropouts to compensate for the larger wheel to keep the angles the same as the 20" wheel. I have one on order and should be receiving it this week.

  • Thanks Rick, Please post and tell us,"me" how it works out. If this is as stable as having the frame bent. Wife got a new car and is finally saying it's ok to get another of my off the wall geek toys.
  • The upgrade rocks! I haven't gotten out on a long run yet, but I think I've seen a 2-5 mph improvement so far. Anyone with a Zoomer who wants to go faster should check this upgrade out!
  • The upgrade went without a hitch, the only problen is the my seat bag no longer fits behind the seat so I need to find a new way to carry my tools, pump and extra tubes. I didn't want to add a rack but it looks like I have no choice. Anyone have other suggesstions for carrying stuff?

  • It may be a bit late to respond to this post...but you can keep your seat bag if you add fenders, or at least a rear fender. Yes, the bag will be squished in the middle, but it won't be by the naked tire (wearing through the fabric), it will be resting against the fender.
    Jessica Kessenich
    Sales Coordinator
  • Is there any way to buy just a rear fender? I need something to keep my seat dry when the pavement is damp. I do not want a full set of fenders because I heard that they can be noisy at higher speeds.
  • We do have a rear fender available for the 26" wheel.

    Just email or give us a call and we can get the ball rolling!
    Jessica Kessenich
    Sales Coordinator
  • if you're getting a rear fender, i suggest you get the whole kit, front and rear. the handlebars extend over the front wheels and i found out the hard way that your arms will get just as wet as your seat and back. plus if you have the grip shifters like me, that will also help keep them from getting anything up in there.
  • My wife has had the 26 in modification on her Zoomer Elite for the summer now. We've had no issues,problems or challenges from it.

    I THINK there has been a speed increase, but with differences in route, weather, wind and human energy levels, it is pretty hard to prove. We keep a trip log, but that is not definitive.

    I KNOW there is a performance increase because most of the riding is now done on larger gears (physically) instead of the the smallest cog on the back. That decreases chain and cog wear, and smooths out the power curve a bit. That alone is worth the upgrade.

    From me... 5 of 5 stars. So much so I'm considering the same mod on my Tour.
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