New Rambler(s)

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My wife and I took delivery of our first two trikes -- Rambler Elites -- on Saturday. Weather hasn't made riding possible, but we're excited. Thanks to this forum and a good salesperson at R&M Cyclery in Springfield, Ill. we were comfortable with our decision. We will keep you posted as we test them out.


  • Congratulations on your two new Ramblers, enjoy them as I do my Rover 8
    Happy Trikings !
  • Had a chance to do any riding yet? I was able to get a nice ride in yesterday before the rain came and got a bit shorter ride in this afternoon. Temps were nice in Mobile, but the wind was pretty strong. Upwind was quite a workout, down wind was a blast!
    Tried to get my wife interested in a trike, but she didn't like sitting so low. She wanted a "classic" single speed "girls style" cruiser like she had when she was 8. Oh well, it's good enough for the neighborhood rides.
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