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My buddy Eddy and I went to Sun Cycle Center in Tavares, Fl. yesterday for a test drive. I came home with a Rambler Base and Eddy got a Tour II base. :D Mark and his staff did an excellent job helping us with our purchase. Just came in from a 6.2 mile "shakedown" cruise, had a great time. There aren't many (any??) trikes in this area so I got some looks!
So Rambler folks, what are "must have additions"? I have the safety flag, water bottle, mirror, fenders, helmet, and lights. I do plan on some touring AFTER I get a bit more stamina built up. First goal is to drop about 15 pounds!


  • Most important of any add ons are clipless pedals or Powergrips to hold your feet to the pedals. Do a search on these forums on leg suck to find out why.
  • Those are on the list!
  • Took another short ride tonight. I THINK I found the "sweet spot" for seat position. The odometer now reads 25 miles. :D
  • With this morning's ride, my odometer now reads 50 miles. Made 11.8 miles this morning and I feel great. Riding the Rambler is so darn comfortable. I could have gone longer, but the sky was NOT looking good.
    VERY happy with my decision to get my Terra Trike Rambler! :D
  • Those items are also on my wish list. I've been to the trail link site and will visit the other site as well.
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