Computer Mounting

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I received a Bontrager wireless Computer as a gift and have been trying to determine the best place to mount the main unit. (I have a Tour II with bar-end shifters.) I suspect the most common, and easiest location for mounting, is on a nob attachment on the frame between the pedals. To stop pedaling and lean forward to switch functions on the computer doesn't seem very appealing. What other locations have others tried? I was wondering about getting the t-shaped accessory bracket, connecting it to the side of the seat frame, and mounting the screen there. Although, that would require looking sideways for a couple of seconds to view the display. Thoughts or suggestions? Thanks!


  • Check out cockpit mounts. You could try my set up I moved My shifters down to a pare of wrest rests (mt bike bar ends (stuby) ) and put my mirrors in the top of the handle bars then mount the computer to the mirror. You can see the setup on under custom parts. Have fun with your trike
  • Thank you- that looks promising! I will give the lower wrist rests a try. I don't think I would want to move the shifters off the end of the grips though; I use them a lot and it is so easy just to slide my fingers up on the handlebars to shift.
  • I'm very comfortable with the shifters in the wrist rests it is just like shifting My road bike
    how did you mount your computer & mirror?
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