Longest ride to date!

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I just got back from a VERY pleasant ride in the country, 20.1 miles. With this ride, my odometer now reads 103. My average speed for this trip was 10.5 and this included a couple water stops and some hills that really killed forward progress. Of course, the down hill side of one let me set a new speed record of 25.4 mph (don't you just love bike computers??).
Over all, this ride was very nice. The drivers I encountered were very polite and gave me plenty of room when passing. Also got quite a few waves and thumbs up.
The high light of this run was the look of total confusion on the face of a horse whose pasture I rode by. He didn't know what the heck was riding by. :D
The more I ride my Rambler, the more I like it.


  • Todays ride was a new record for me, 25.7 miles in a bit over 2 1/2 hours. Lot's of various road type, flat, hilly, rough and smooth. Again, the drivers gave me lots of room and lots of waves.
    I discovered that the rumble/wake up strips on the shoulder of the road are BRUTTAL and DO NOT like a trike! I also discovered that the exhaust pipe of a 1 ton 4x4 pickup truck is right about nose level :( . Still, I had a great ride today.
  • had a 14 mile fide today.. very nice..plan on several more of those and hope to go longer. going uphill feel like a tortoise. downhill another story. was passed by several uprights today they just speed by me. but those guys were all tall and skinny. probably been riding awhile. I have determined my rambler is perfect for exercise and losing weight which was my reason for buying it. and I agree with the exhaust pipe, gets a little bit smelly!! I have gone from 289 pounds to 260 still want to go down some more!
  • The stamina will come and sooner than you think. My rides now average 20 miles and take about 1 1/2 hours. My longest ride to date has 100km (61 miles) and that took about 5 1/2 hours. I was total beat after that one. Later this year, I'm going to try to do the entire Long Leaf Trace from Hattiesburg to Prentise and back again, about 82 miles.
  • I've had my Rambler for almost two weeks and now have 60 miles on it.  My longest ride was 19 miles with several killer hills.  I stopped half way up on one, huffed and puffed, drank some water, ate an energy bar, unlocked the brakes and powered my way to the top.  I was proud of myself.  I was determined to pedal the total distance and I did it.  I look forward to watching my 260 lbs diminish as I ride more and more.

    Riding the trike is just fun.  People ask me about trike and some wave when they pass.  It's nice to smell the air, listen to the hum of the tires and the chain and just plain enjoy the experience....enough said.
  • I've had the Rambler since August 18th and the ODO now reads 112 miles.  During a 20 mi ride on 9/4 the ODO rolled over 100!  I stopped in the shade and did a selfie movie with my cell phone (first selfie and first movie).  

    Going around Lake Fayetteville, AR, zipping down an incline, talking on ham radio, I glanced to see a stick in the road that had a diamond pattern!  It happened very quickly and I'm not sure if I clipped the snake or just frightened him.  Forty-five minutes later when I returned he (it) was gone.  Riding a Terra Trike can be exciting.  I hope the snake is not waiting for me to come by again.

    I have since added a rack with panniers and an aluminum bracket on the front to hold two water bottles upright.  I carry tubes, tools, patch kit, CO2 inflator, basic first aid supplies, batteries for phone/comm gear, flashlight, cable ties (absolutely necessary), rain poncho, etc.  I'm now retired, and as you've probably guessed, I have a background in emergency response and law enforcement.  I'm prepared.

    The more I ride the better I feel and the more I enjoy it.  Trikes are fun!  
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