box full of goodies.

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Got a big box full of goodies for my Rambler from TT yesterday (early birthday present to me). Inside the box were:
1 set of heel support pedals
1 seat bag
1 rack bag
1 rack
1 mini pump
1 mini tool kit & quick stick
1 hydration bladder
1 "NO GAS" flag
I spent a short time this morning getting everything installed. EVERYTHING exceeded my expectations, fit well and assembled very easily.
The heel support pedals are GREAT, but they are a pain to get into. Once strapped in, you are one-with-the-trike; no quick bailouts. During my "test-the-equipment" ride today, I was able to put a LOT more power to the ground AND make the hills in my usual course at least one gear higher than I have been. Not really sure how necessary the ankle straps are, will try it again with only the toe straps. Since they are a full platform pedal they are very comfortable, no foot cramps. The foot is positioned perfectly by the pedal.
The little mini pump fit snuggly by the water bottle and is ready when needed. Looks like a nice little unit, but like the mini tool kit, I hope I never need them out on the road.
The flag is just cool, nothing else to say about that. I took the "fingers" off the original TT flag and added it there.
The rack went together easy and fit great. I have it mounted as far aft as I could and there is ZERO interference.
The seat bag is very nice and just slips over the seat back- simple. It has a carry handle too.
The rack bag was the biggest surprise. It is a nice size, has two side compartments (one is holding the quick stick and tool kit), a mesh pocket on the back and on the under side of the top. There is an adjustable web type bungie cord on top for securing items. It also has a carry handle AND a shoulder strap. I was impressed.
The hydration bladder was a first for me. The instructions on the box say you can turn it inside out for cleaning, it has a quick disconnect for the drinking tube and a magnetic clip to hold the drinking tube. It fits very well in the seat bag and I have attached the clip to the bags carry handle, the tube flips over my shoulder and is ready for a drink. You have to bite the mouth piece and suck to take a drink. Once the tube is hanging back down, no leaks! I took water more often while riding today in smaller amounts than I have been with the water bottle ( had to stop, get the bottle, drink, replace). I think I will stay better hydrated with this rig.
Yes, I am one happy Rambler Rider! :D
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