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Hi all. I read some where on this site, probably here in the Rover section. Found it in a google search about putting 2 chain rings on the front of the Rover. It said in one of the replies to do a search for a long explation of what Peter C did to his Rover.
I have tried to search for the explation and cannot come up with anything that he has wrote. If some one could tell me how to search on this forum that would be helpful. I am thinking of putting two chain rings on the front, I could use a lower low for the hills around here, and just for the heck of it I would put on a high for a higher high speed. I remember him saying that he use a triple Lasco drankset to get the gears and cranks he wanted. The article he said how he did it the tools he used, everything, and I really would like to read his post.


  • Do a search for Lasco you will come up with dozens and dozens of posts.
  • Go to the Rover page #8 down that page you will find Peter C's post I believe you are looking for, posted on May 12, 2011 at 4:10 PM, I remember it well. :mrgreen:
    Happy Trikings !
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