2005 TerraTrike Sport with BionX PL-350 & Bob Trailer

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Reason for selling:

I am 80 years old and have normally needed a power wheelchair on a daily basis.
I purchased this trike in 2005 with the hopes of being able to exercise and
improve my mobility outdoors. I was not physically able to satisfactorily maintain
the use of the trike, so in 2007 I purchased, from TerraTrike, the BionX PL-350
Electric Drive. I used the trike for a few short trips until I became more confined.
The trike is like new. Overall the trike has been ridden less than 200 miles, and
the battery has been charge cycled about 12 times, for storage maintenance,
out of an expected lifespan of 500 complete charge cycles. The BionX PL-350
is a current model with BionX. http://www.bionx.ca

2005 TerraTrike Sport factory assembled:
Touring package
Fender Set
Computer & Accessory Mount

2007 BionX PL-350 Completely Assembled:
Main system motorized rear wheel
Computer Command Console with throttle, odometer, speedometer, etc...
36V Li-ion Battery in Streamlined housing with security Lock.
36Volt Li-ion Charger

Bob Ibex Plus Trailer with Dry Sak

Sportscrafters Mini-Roller Trainer

I have invested over $4500.00 in this package. Firm Selling Price $2850.00 plus packaging and shipping from Yuma Arizona.


  • treborz17,

    I will let our TT Owners group know of this too.

    All I ask is that you post on here when you've sold the trike.
    Jeff "Chonk" Yonker
    Marketing Dude @TerraTrike

    You miss 100% of the shots you don't take - Wayne Gretsky
  • Thank you -- yes I certainly will make that post upon the sale.

  • Robert -
    Just a few questions, if you don't mind.
    I'm a little confused on the model of trike. The current model called "Sport" says it used to be called "Access." The model that used to be called "Sport" is now called "Sport Elite." So, was the one you are selling called a "Sport" when you bought it? It sounds like the "Sport" is a lighter weight version of the Cruiser, while the "Sport Elite" is a lighter weight version of the Tour.

    Do you have the grip shifters or the bar end shifters?

    I understand these models have an adjustable boom rather than various sizes. Do you know your Xseam, or would you mind giving me your height as a rough indicator of what it is currently sized to fit?

    Thank you!

  • Lori,

    My Invoice description lists it as TerraTrike 3.6. In confirming the model a management person at TerraTrike said that it was one of their first Sport models, it had just not been listed as such. I'm sure that TerraTrike will confirm my purchase record. If you would like to verify any information with TerraTike, send me an emai, if interested, and I will give TerraTrike whatever permission they need to provide information on my purchase. I also, purchased the BionX Electric Drive system from TerraTrike and they setup the rearwheel for the proper adjustments, etc... I am 5' 10" and it was shipped as Size: Medium. With the seat adjusted comfortably for me, it can be readjusted 1" further back or 4 1/4" forward.

    The shifter on the left has the bar end shifter, a little lever on the end of the handle bar, however the right hand shifter was replaced with a special new twist shifter and holder to accomate the BionX Computer Controller and info panel, that BTW is very comportable and easy to use. The Computer Controller is operated with the right hand without moving your hand from the grip, and features the throttle,a Multi function Odometer (Distance, chronometer, and average speed), selection and/or indication of level of energy being used or generated, battery level of charge, and a security alarm when away from trike while on tour. The battery case is also secured by a barrel key locked, and the Computer Controller is pocket size and snaps on/off of the bar grip. The Controller also allows selection if disired of motor assist percentages of 35%, 75%, 150%, and 300% power. I will ship with the Trike all of the original parts that were replaced with the installation of the BionX.

    Thank you for your interest,

    Robert <!-- e --><a href="mailto:bob@trebor.net">bob@trebor.net</a><!-- e -->
  • Sale completed. Thank you Wizwheelz for the opportunity to use your classifieds. You have a happly seller, and I feel confident the buyer will be well satisfied too.

    :D Happy that it sold.
    :( Sad that I had to sell it.

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