Seat Bag and Water Bladder Question

I'd like to have the ability to use a water bladder for longer rides, and I am looking at the TerraTrike Seat Bag and the TerraCycle Fastback M70. I like the way the TerraTrike seat bag mounts, but I'm not sure what size bladder it holds. I'm also wondering how it works with a standard bladder that has the tube in the bottom center of the bladder. It seems like if you put this in the seat bag, the water tube will not suck water when the bladder is half full since it will sit in the seat bag sideways. Anyone have any experience with either of these two bags?


  • You are correct about the seat bag, you would have to make sure there was no air in the bladder. With that in mind the Fastback M70 will hold a 2L Bladder without having the issue of potential voids due to the vertical position of the bag. I have a Double Century setup which works great, one side has the bladder and I have snacks and such on the other side.
  • I was looking at the Double Century, but it seemed to be based on two of the FastBack 70LS bags, which are recommended for hard shell seats, as opposed to the M70 which is for mesh seats. I'd love the Double Century if I knew for sure it would fit on my Tour II. What do you have it mounted on?
  • You can plug a long wooden dowel or something similar (pencil)  into the top corners of the seat frame and hang a bag or anything with a strap over that. I have a flag on the opposite corner. When I had to wear a portable chemo pump 24/7, I hung it on the corner of the seat like that.  A Camel Back bag should be close....but you won't have it plugged into a vein....  My Trike is a Rambler.
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