Rental TerraTrikes for sale in Canada!

Greetings TerraTrekkers from the Bloomfield Bicycle Company over here in Canada.

We are a small shop on a small island and we have three 2014 TerraTrikes that have had happy lives here at the shop this summer as rental trikes: but they're all trained up and need to go out in the world and develop some long-term relationaships!

So if you're planning on being in Canada on the northern shore of Lake Ontario drop by and Check 'em out. We have a Rover 8 (with fenders) a ROver 3 and a Rambler with the GT kit and upgraded to the 24" wheels with the a chain gobbler.

You can see prices and the rest of our rental fleet sale prices (in Canadian Dollars) here.
Enjoy... true wheels and tailwinds, kt (just another cog in the BBC drivetrain)


  • How much are you asking for the Rambler?
    I live in eastern Ontario near Cornwall and I am interested in a recumbent trike, I now ride a CCN Evox 140.
    Thanking you in advance

  • Just checking on the Rambler if it is still available and the price.
    Let me know either way at the following e-mail
    Thanking you in advance for your reply.

    Eric St Louis.

  • Yo, Bloomfield BC. Wondering if your bikes are still available. The link didn't work for me.
  • wondering if still available
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