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First let me say I love my trike, I have a Zoomer Elite with the horizontal handle bars.

Not knowing much about bike derailleur requirements I would like to set my Zoomer Elite up with some trigger shifters similar to the Shimano Rapid Fire shifters on my mountain bike. When choosing some shifters what should I consider when choosing them? What shifters will work with the Zoomer's derailleurs? Are SRAM and Shimanos road or mountain bike set ups the same for both the front and rear derailleurs as long as I choose the ones compatible with a 9 speed set up?


  • We have tried installing trigger shifters on the Zoomers. The problem we ran into was the position of the brake levers and shifters; if one was positioned properly the other was quite uncomfortable. Therefore, what we suggest is an integrated shift lever and V-brake lever set. A compatible set with our LX or Tiagra derailleurs is the Shimano ST-M580. You are welcome to source this through us or your local bike shop.
    Jessica Kessenich
    Sales Coordinator
  • Thanks for the info Jess.

    I'm still in the planning stages of customizing my Zoomer and I plan on riding it as is till the snow hits the ground here then working on it during the winter months. The Zoomer is fairly complete as I ordered it and still plan on adding fenders and possibly the head rest. I did plan on going with an integrated shift and brake lever set but was unsure if there would be an issue with the Tiagra road derailleur on front.
  • Hi,
    I tried the Shimano 580's on a Zoomer Elite for a client who doesn't like the grip shifters and I found it very hard to shift onto the large crankwheel.
    The shift lever is pretty short and so not a lot of ...leverage. I found myself taking my hand off the handlebar to press down with my palm on the shift lever. Also, rear derailleur adj is pretty touchy; could never get indexing to fall into place
    Love the concept, but finally gave it up for old-style(vertical) handlebar with bar-ends.

    BTW...could just be my skill level ;)

  • Recently we received Shimano's current model of LX trigger shifters. The configuration of the current model LX trigger shifters work well with our Zoomer Elite. This is a upgrade option and can be ordered with your trike.

    We have yet to try their 8speed trigger shifters for the Zoomer or the SRAM XO trigger shifters with the SL.
    Jessica Kessenich
    Sales Coordinator
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