Apple Watch and Apps

Now have over 5k miles on my Rambler. Bought it in 2012. Road daily for 1.5 years but had to stop due to Agent Orange related cancer in my legs. Last month the doctors gave me the go-ahead to start riding again. During the "down-time" the weight came on. So far, in the last 5 weeks, I've been able to knock of 25 pounds and it feels great. I ride at 4 AM using dual halogen front lights mounted on the t-bar. I have one led light in reserve attached to the water bottle mount. In the back are dual red emergency strobes giving plenty of warning to vehicles to the rear.

Until last week I used RunKeeper to track my routes and progress. It works great. Depending upon the amount of time I have and the weather I pick my route and hit the road. With the addition of the new Apple Sport Watch I now use three additional applications. The Health app tracks my heartbeat and pulse. If anything goes awry the watch, paired to my iPhone 6 Plus in my seat pouch, will call the hospital and alert them I'm in trouble. Using the "Find My iPhone" app on their computer system they can send out emergency services to my location in minutes. This gives me huge peace of mind considering my physical state and age.

The second app is Activity. It tracks calories burned and time of strenuous exercise. The third is the Workout app. I've set that up for parameters using several goals I want to achieve on a daily basis: total calories. distance, and time. All give notifications when I reach a new level.

Enjoy the ride. Thank you TerraTrike!
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