Valve stem damage with Cruiser

I have been riding my Cruiser for a lot of years - loving it - but lately I've had some flat tire issues because the valve stem failed - the service tech at the bike shop pointed out that if the stem got bent while I was putting in air, it could have gotten cut where the valve stem passes through the wheel - makes perfect sense, and I'll have to be more careful.  

The air pump is a regular manual pump with that piece on the head that ya flip up after ya get it seated on the valve stem - yeah, sometimes I guess the valve stem gets bent, but that connection is hard enough to get seated securely on the valve stem, and then lifting up that catch so I can air up the tire does move the valve stem a bit - I can see how it'd get damaged where the stem comes through the wheel - besides being more careful, any other suggestions?  I guess I could take the bike to a gas station or somewhere where they have an air pump that fits on to the valve stem easier - thanks in advance for any pther ideas. 


  • Since I posted my question, I did a little research and looked a bit closer at the hole in the rim - even with my current schrader valve setup, there's still plenty of wiggle room, and the inside edge of the holes look a bit rough - I'm probably getting a bit lazy as I get older and not being careful enough when I put air in the tire - I may just switch over to presta valves, and put in some of those inserts that go in the rim hole to seat the presta valves a bit tighter that they'd be in the hole to accommodate the schrader valves - make sense?
  • I've seen the problem on different tires - I took the bike into my repair guy today - he's going to replace the rubber strip inside the rim with a fabric strip, and smooth the area around the holes in the rim.   
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