Wide seat option

Anyone out there go from the original seat to the wide seat option? I'm having a hard time justifying $200+ to change my seat that is only a year old for one that is only 2 inches wider. My current seat really digs into my thighs at end of the seat tubes making longer rides impossible.


  • I think I solved my problem with a $20 outdoor seat cushion from Walmart.
  • :) Yes, am searching online for possible answers.

    ¬ ITL
  • $20 wheelchair cushion from Amazon
  • Yeah, think it would be an option before getting drastic on a new seat.

    Wonder if there are any wedged seat cushions where it's more cushioned towards the front and tapers back on an angle? Like a big brother the the Seat Wedge but goes over the top with perhaps a strap or two for securement?

    ¬ ITL
  • Check memory foam wedges
  • In my opinion, memory foam is awesome for cooler weather, but any foam pad is way too hot in the summer. I purchased a new TT Sportster breathable mesh seat covering with lumbar-side padding - $69. I don't believe it is listed as an accessory, but you can order it by phone. I want to use this new cover in the summer and put my closed mesh padded Rover seat in the cooler months.
  • You're right about foam being hot, I forgot. My trike has the mesh seat and it is very comfortable. Ergonomically it probably is difficult to design seat for a larger rider
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