Tour II Elite 27 Speed For Sale - Grand Rapids MI

I have a Terra Trike 27 speed Tour II Elite for sale with the following equipment: 26" rear wheel. Dura Ace bar end shifters. Power grip pedals. Rear view mirror. Cateye Micro Wireless Computer. Deluxe fenders. Seat bag. Safety flag. Water bottle cage. Ultra comfort seat cushion. 

This bike was purchased in July 2013. I used it in the summer/fall of 2013 only; I have not ridden it since. There are only 141 total miles on this bike. It has always been kept indoors.

This bike would be over $3100 purchased new today. I am asking $2500 or best offer.

I also have a Sports Crafters Progressive Magnetic trainer for sale for $200 or best offer. They are $250 new.


  • I woild love it but how do we get to southern California
  • Fly out and ride it back?  :-)
  • Do you still have this trike for sale?
  • I live in Spring Lake, MI.  Do you still have this trike?
  • Sorry for the delay in responding
  • Sorry for the delay in responding.  Yes, the trike is still for sale.
  • Hi Jeffrey, I live in Ann Arbor and can pick the trike up if it is still for sale.
  • Hi Jeffrey, still for sale?
  • Has this bike sold? If not, what is your current asking price?
  • FYI:  I have moved and the bike is currently located in Zeeland, MI.
  • This bike is currently for sale as of April 28, 2016.  
  • I'm curious -- why has no one bought this trike yet? Has anyone even looked at it? And have you posted your trike over at I would think it would get snapped up in a New York minute. My other question: why aren't YOU riding it? A Tour II is a great trike!
  • Nice trike, well equipped, fair price.
  • Thanks for the comments, Rooni and TCEd.  I have had a number of inquiries, but no one has looked at it yet.  It's a very nice trike.  I am selling it because my circumstances have changed.  We have moved to be closer to our kids so we can watch our grandkids every day.  So, lack of time and a lack of a convenient place to ride are driving my decision to sell.  I will try listing on bentrideronline.  Thanks for the tip.

  • Hi Jeffrey. I am interested in this trike, although I cannot afford the $2,500. I live in Canton, Mi., and I need to see where Zeeland is located on a map. I'm sure you will want to hold out and get as much as you can for your trike, as they are costly, but if you find yourself willing to go down in price please give me a call. I sold a Cruiser on here and threw in everything AND the kitchen sink for a low mileage trike. It's hard to get back what we paid for them and put into them ( although I am not trying to discourage you from trying, either). I am 5'6 and wonder if your trike would be too long, or if the boom is adjustable?
  • Jeffrey, I think I am going to pass on this trike at this time. I see that you have the Dura Ace end shifters, which I think means you don't have the twisting shifters? If that is the case I am bummed. That is the reason I want the the Tour and what I loved about my Cruiser. If I'm mistaken please let me know. I'm not great with official terminology...I just get on the trike and ride.
  • I live in GR and would like to check out your trike. You can even text me at 7730409 (I know! I'm taking a risk at putting my number out there, but I'm very interested in making a connection!)
  • Jeffrey, is your Tour II still for sale?
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