Guess I'm stuck...

Ok, went to go for a ride at 7:30 tonight and both front tires were flat. sigh....
Went to wally world and bought (2) Bell gate 20 " tires. Not the same as the one I got the other day. Found out these are a bit lower pressure tire than the others. Going to try them any way. Grabbed a pair of self sealing tubes also. Unfortunately the front rims were not already opened to 3/8 for chrader valved so I used a .375 reamer and opened them up. 
Hopefully Now I can ride with out having another flat. the tube i took out has a cut about 1/2 long in it. wonder if it had gotten pinched somehow ???
So the rear drive tire is a bell Free. with 50 lbs of pressure but the fronts will have 35 lbs of pressure at least that's what the tires say to put in.


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    the bell gates say they have kevelar. i used some 220 w/d sand paper to remove burrs. And the reamer was very accurate on size. Being originally meant for aircraft.
    Do you think it hurts my trikes feelings to use $15 shoes instead of $56 Schwalbe's ?
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     Actually I first used a tapered hand reamer so the pilot on the .3745 reamer would fit.
    Aircraft drill and reamers work by opening holes in steps. So the final ream only as to cut a small amount.
    After I was done this morning I rode the trike 3.7 mile to the dog park with my do in the milk crate I have mounted on my carrier. I then rode home but I'm toasted for today I think time for a shower and a nap..

    When I got up I found I had a problem with the new tube I got from wally world. Careful examination said that the tubes in the box were NOT NEW. Seems some people will take them back and the employees at Walmart don't bother to check and put it back in the locked display case. I spoke to the person in the bicycle dept and she said the tubes should have been packed in a plastic wrap and they were NOT. So they replaced it for me but wish I has seen that last night. It would have save me some effort and travel to Walmart.
    The reason I changed the tires was not just because of the flats. I changed them because I figured that the new tires have kevllar and the tubes are self sealing so I would/should have twice the protection as I had/ I know that I will not always be on blacktop and that we have rams horns as well as other poinky plats stuff that can ruin your day.

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