Patterson Drive with NuVinci 360

Wondering if anyone is riding a Rover with a Patterson Drive and a NuVinci 360 setup. If I upgrade to the Patterson Drive what could I expect the top end to increase to?? I currently have a 26 inch rear tire and the NuVinci. When I reach 12-13 mph I really have to pedal like crazy to reach 15-16 mph. Thanks for the input.


  • I'm curious about this as well. I have a Patterson on my Rover, but with the SA hub. I don't care for the SA at all and would like to try the NuVinci. Hopefully someone will be along shortly who can help.
  • I have a Rover with the NuVinci and looked into the Patterson. From what I've gleaned from various forums is that the Patterson will give you more low end and just a little high end. Even though it costs way more I have decided to go with the Schlumpf HSD.
  • Some great information here. I still can't decide what to do with my rear SA hub, I've adjusted it, the LBS has adjusted it but I still get clanging and a notchy feel sometimes when I start peddling after a shift.

    I'm going to go with either a NuVinci or a Nexus, just can't decide.
  • Thanks. I'm just not a fan of the sturmey I guess. It seems like the nuvinci would be a good fit with the patterson since they both shift under load, etc.

    I've found some good prices on nuvinci hubs online, but I haven't found a shop that doesn't want a huge price to either build a new rear wheel or lace the nuvinci into mine.
  • I've been watching the NuVinci on ebay for $250 shipped, but I'm not crazy about paying someone $200 to put it in my wheel. It might be time to learn wheelbuilding. Ha!

  • Happy Trikings !
  • I am finally having my (useless to me) Rover upgraded with a Patterson crank and a Nexus 8 so I have a suitable stand-in or spare for my other upgraded Rover of 4 years, both the Alfine 8 and the HSD Schlumpf and BB 7  have served me well with over 10,000 miles without service except keeping the Schlumpf lubricated and no service to the BB7 brakes either.  
    Happy Trikings !
  • My DF has the alfine-8, based on that experience I wanted a IGH when looking at trikes  I tried the NuVinci and I guess I just it was just not for me... So I decided to stay with alfine.   Since with the 8 on my DF I would often spin out, I decided on the alfine-11 with the HSD Schlumph and have not looked back :-)

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