My rambler got wet....

Oh well it is bound to happen here once in a while. My trike is kept outside and so it was raining when I got up. Any special things I should do ?


  • Cover it with a plastic tarp in the future sit doesn't get wet
  • It rained in California?  Thank God!  Hopefully, it will help to put out some of the wild fires.
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    True, i could cover with a tarp. Though We rarely get an rain August-October. Just wondered if I need any special care on my chain, gears or brakes after it gets wet.
     Unfortunately I am only about 60 miles from Los Angeles . So the little rain we got won't help the wild fires at all.
  • The rain shouldn't have caused any problems with the trike. Still should cover it. Constant uv rays from the sun will probable affect the seat fabric and tires over time. Some people have cloth tire covers for their RV tires when it sits outside in their driveway for months on end.
  • If your bike sat out in the rain it would be good to lube the chain.
  • I did try to get it dance around but it was being lazy and just sat there....
    Very disappointed in it's behaviour. 8-P
  • I use the leaf blower to clear moisture from our bikes
  • A Shopvac would work, also.  Either suck the moisture out or put hose in the outgoing air hole and blow the water off the bike.  Make sure the filter is clean so you don't blow dirt all over the bike.
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