Gear slip

Have had my Rambler for a little over 2 weeks now, I have the internal 8 and it slips in 5th gear. Thought at first that it just wasn't all the way in gear, tried going down to 4th and also going up to 6th and back to 5th. Still slipping. Any ideas? Or take it back to Lbs.


  • Thanks for the info, will check it when I get home tonight. This is all pretty much new to me, I appreciate the help.


  • edited September 2015
    Followed your instructions and sure enough no slip.
    Thank you guys for the tips. A lot to learn, but worth it.
    I am assuming there is a certain method for the spokes? Youtube possibly?
    We did install power grip pedals, mirror, flags.
    Would like to add a bike computer, and probably a seat bag to put an extra tube and tools in. Thinking light would be a good idea also.
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