Seat Adjustment on Rover

The bike shop extended my boom and added chain links so that I can sit further up to balance my weight on the three wheels.  My problem is the seat keeps sliding backward even though the clamp is tight.  Is there a secret for to making the seat stay in one spot?


  • I will put it up on a rack to see if I can make the changes you recommended.

    They extended the boom one full section and it is so much easier to get on and off.  I used to tear up my shins on the pedals.  Everything seems to work better.  Plus, my X measurement is 42".  The boom needed to be extended.  

  • I found rubber mastic electrical tape.  Will that work?  If so, I'm headed out to buy it.  Do I wrap it around the seat bracket or only put a piece on the inside of the top, bottom, and each side?  Do I need to put it on all four sides?

    Now that I have the seat off, I see that the bracket used to stop where a boom adjustment stuck out.  No wonder I never had the problem before.  I'm wondering why others do not have the same problem.  Those plastic shims don't seem very effective.
  • I bought Scotch 2228 Moisture Sealing Electrical Tape.  It's .065" thick and 1" wide.  The problem was I could not put it on the sides and the bracket fit on the frame.  I only put on the underside of the top of the bracket.  Unfortunately, the seat still slid a little.  I'm going to put it on the bottom of the bracket also to see if that will solve the problem.
  • That's a great idea!  I will try that.  

    The roll cost almost $10 so I'm going to try to make it work before I buy something else.
  • Use some pieces of old inner tube. cut them the size of the shims and stack them to the right thickness, or a little thicker. Use some patch cement to glue them together. That will supply plenty of friction to hold the seat.
  • The rubber tape was complete failure.  Once it stretches, it falls apart.  Now I have rubber goo all up and down the frame.  

    I wonder if duck tape would work better.  At least it would hold together.

    gern, I don't have an old inner tube but I could go buy some repair material.  It would have the same rubber material.

    My only other solution is to go back to the lbs and have them remove a link from the chain and shorten the boom.  The seat continues to move back until it reaches the rear boom adjustment screw.  If we set it up so that screw is the furthest back it can go and I can comfortably reach the pedals, the problem will go away.
  • You can get a new tube from Wal Mart. they aren't expensive. Also make the tube pieces long enough to extend behind the seat clamp. get a hose clamp from the hardware store, or auto parts store, and clamp it behind the seat clamp.
    It sucks that folks have to do this to their rovers. have you talked to TT about this?
  • No, I have not contacted TT yet.  I would probably go to the local dealer first.

    I will try your ideas first.  I may need two hose clamps put together.  I don't recall how large they are.  It's been a while since I saw one.  My dealer does all my auto repairs now.
  • The pro riders actually use hose clamps to keep seat tubes in the perfect position. Yes it looks clunky but it definitely works.
  • A hardware store or home improvement center should have clamps big enough. You'll find them in the plumbing section. Just measure all the sides of the tube and add them together. Then get a clamp that has that dimension in the mid-range.
    Here's another option. Get some skid tape from the home store. This is self adhesive and provides a rough surface for steps on ladders and stools. It helps with traction so feet don't slip.
    Put strips of that on the tube of your Rover, but thoroughly clean the surface with window cleaner, and then rubbing alcohol. Let it dry completely before applying the skid tape. Once the tape is on, and this is optional, gently warm the tape with a blow dryer. This will help the adhesive stick better.
    The strips you put on should cover the majority of the length of where the seat clamp can ride, not just where you want it to stay. The extra length will give the tape more purchase area to inhibit slipping.
  • When I got my rover three years ago, the first thing I did was put on two hose clamps, one on either side of the seat mount.  Looked ugly then and still looks ugly, but the seat hasn't moved a hair in all this time.  

  • You don't understand.  I put the tape on then went riding.  The seat moved back through the ride and left the black goo on the shaft.  

    I do need to move the seat if I let others ride it.  However, a clamp can be quickly removed then put back in place.  That sounds like the best solution to me.

    Those sons with engineering degrees each live over 800 miles away.  They are not seeing the issue first hand or they would have helped.  Why hasn't the manufacturer found a solution?
  • I stretched a rubber tie down from the seat bracket to the wheel crossbar and back.  That is the shortest length I could find.  It didn't work either.  I had to stop three times this morning to move the seat back up so I could reach the pedals.  I was also worried about the tie down breaking and hitting my leg.  That could cause a major injury.

    Next, I'm going to get an inner tube and hose clamps and place it right behind where the seat needs to be.  I plan to buy 4 clamps and connect them to each other to get a tighter fit around the square frame.

    What angle of the seatback to you find most comfortable?  I had mine pretty far back because it gives more room for my legs to move.  I have stiffness in my hips, also.  I was wondering if moving it more upright would stop the seat from sliding.  What do you experts think?
  • I bought the inner tube this morning and have to go to an auto parts store to get the clamps.  Did you know a 16" tube is the same price as larger ones?  

    Are you saying the bolts on the seat back braces should be tight?  Mine were not until I took it in to the bike shop to upgrade the wheels.  I will make sure the braces are correctly angled then retighten them.  They may be helping with the seat moving!  I, too, have seen the top of the clamp move back while riding.  Unfortunately, it moves the seat so far back, I can't reach the pedals.  

    How do you like the larger seat?  I had considered one but the price has stopped me.  I, instead, have thought about a different material on my current seat.  Right now, it's working ok but the seat material is wearing very quickly.  As I ride longer and further, I may have to make a change.

    BTW, still love the larger tires!
  • Using the inner tube instead of the shims and putting pipe clamps around the remaining inner tube behind the seat clamp has worked to stop it from sliding backwards.  The only problem is I neglected to move it far enough forward.  So, I will start the process all over again.  Fortunately, my help has returned to town so it should be easier this time.
  • My family had owned boats for years and I kept thinking there was something they used to secure the rollers onto the main beam.  Thanks!  You finally helped me remember.  

    This will be even better.  I often let family members try my trike but they need the seat moved forward.  Those brackets behind the seat would keep it from creeping backward but still allow it to be moved forward.
  • Jamesr, did you put rubber or some type of gasket under the clamps to protect the frame?
  • There's no traffic in Gainesville, especially this weekend with FSU in town!  Too bad my Gators can't find a QB.

    You mentioned the plastic dip.  That would probably work if you dipped the U bolt in it before putting on the bike.  I wonder how long it would last.  I've never used it for that purpose.
  • Use  a 2" C clamp and its done.  I found a black one at Home Depot. 
  • I put one on also and it has worked wonderfully.  Only problem was I could not find a "U" clamp and had to settle for a "C" clamp.  I bought two and used the bar that goes across to tighten it at both the top and the bottom.  I also bought a sheet of rubber normally used for making gaskets and cut a piece to fit under each bar.  It has held after many rides.  

    I am so happy we found a solution!
  •   Where does one get these mysterious shims?

    ¬ ITL
  • I swear by the "8" of inner tube and a hose clamp" method. My seat hasn't budged since I did that, and hose clamps are cheap as heck.
  • I tried two hose clamps facing opposite ways on top of non skid shelf liner. It didn't hold. Now using a U bolt. I hope it works. This is frustrating.
  • I use 2 squared U bolts, one each side of the seat. A "no worries" solution.

    ¬ ITL
  • First make sure the clamps are TIGHT.. they come loose very easily on a rover. 2nd, I took an old inner tube, cut it into strips, wrapped the frame in front and in back of the seat adjustment. Then put a hose clamp on the rubber. This stops the seat from moving even if it does come loose.
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