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Just had my x-seam measured and there is going to be a problem with the chro-moly frames.

My x-seam is 48 inches (I am 6'3"), is there anything that can be done to accommodate this length? I see that the sport frames can deal with this length x-seam but I wanted to stay away from aluminum frames because I tip the scales at 235lbs and that does not leave much capacity for cargo.


  • Hi, Jim. How did you measure that X-seam? I think the most accurate method is to place a board against a wall, with the base about 12 to 16 inches out from the wall. Then, sit back against the board, with your lower back and glutes pressed back firmly against the base of the board. Finally, have someone measure from the board to your outstretched heels. If you take the measurement against a vertical surface (wall), you will get a much longer answer, and a not very relevant one, since you'll probably never ride with your seatback completely upright anyway. The reclining method will give you a shorter number for your X-seam, and a much more accurate one, IMHO.

    As a reference, I am 6'2" and my reclining X-seam is 45". BTW, this variance in X-seam happens because your bottom is fixed relative to the seat when reclining, but your hip joints are above that level, and therefore moving aft as you recline, resulting in a shorter X-seam measurement.

    Hope this helps!
  • As suggested, I would also recommend double checking that measurement before going any further.

    There is the option to get a custom boom for you. There would be a $200 custom charge and a lead time up to 8wks. Give us a call or shoot an email if you would like to get moving on that order (<!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e -->)
    Jessica Kessenich
    Sales Coordinator
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