CRUISER FOR SALE $850.00 Tampa Florida

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I have a  Blue TerraTrike cruiser for sale in great some paint chipping from use and accessories mounting

I have it listed on ebay so if you want to see pictures check it there   

$850.00 local pick up Tampa Fl 33624

Payment Cash in person or paypal online

If you want to arrange your own packing and shipping payment must be made before pick up

The dimension  are 76"L x 35"W x 28"H - 40 LBS.

I have listed the trike on ebay so if you want to see pictures go to ebay listing for trike in Tampa




  • How old is it and how many gears does it have?  How many miles do you think are on it?
  • I do not know how old it is I call TerraTrike and they say you have to loosen the front boom

    to check I do not want to do that it looks like it has never been apart so I do not want to mess with it.

    The last year they were made was 2010 , I got it because of the condition it was in other then the

    chips on the front it looked and rode great as for gears it has 24 and I have put about 200 miles on it

    before that I have no Idea   

  • Looks like it has the stock 20" rubber all round or has it the high pressure tires? How is the rubber? What height is it set for. I think they have different sized booms in that model. Anyone help me out there? Thanks
  • I'm 6-4 so need a long boom I presume
  • It has kenda kwest high pressure tires 100psi the condition of the tire is they look good they are very smooth

    when they are new so it it hard to tell ware ,you can get replacement Kenda Kwest tire for about $20.00

    apiece online They make 4  different sizes booms for the cruiser this one has a 18.5" boom

    One of the best ways to get info. on the trikes is to call TerraTrike  @ 800-945-9910 they are very helpful

    when you call them  

  • I went ahead and pulled the boom off and the Cruiser and it is a 2008 model, also by pulling the boom

     it cuts the overall length to about 50" 

  • I found a site named and they don't list a 2008 Cruiser model.  The only year they show is 2010.

    I live 2.5 hours away and I will buy it for a lower price.  Please let me know if you are interested.
  • I think bicyclebluebook is way off on their prices if check to see what used terratrikes have sold for.

    my email is on my post send me a offer, I have a standing offer with a local buyer which close to

    my selling price 

  • Then no need for me to make an offer.  Bicyclebluebook is the only place I found that has used bike prices.  It is based on historically what people have paid.  

    We all think these bikes hold their value but they really don't.  Don't sell it.  Get out and ride it!

    I would be willing to deliver the trike to a local shipper at no cost

    You must make your own arrangements with them


    4522 West Village Drive

    Tampa FL 33624


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